Monday, November 21, 2022

4 Amazing Thanksgiving Salads

Wilted kale, roasted squash, pomegranate, red onion and greens make an interesting salad that will dazzle your guests. 

Thanksgiving Acorn Squash Salad

I shared this salad recently but it is so good and so perfect for Thanksgiving that I wanted to share it for anyone who missed it. 

carrot salad , cranberries, walnuts

This is a nice light tomato salad for the holiday made with tomatoes, red onions, and olives. Yum

Tomato salad with olives and red onions

Quinoa Tabouleh Salad
A wonderful way to combine quinoa with vegetables. Light, easy to serve since it doesn't need to be warmed up. 

Pan, Quinoa, Multicoloured, Vegetables


  1. We have versions of both the quinoa and carrot salads. So good!

  2. Mmm... your Grated Carrot Salad brings back so many sweet memories. My grandma used to make something like this for big dinners and holidays. I loved your idea to add nuts and cranberries!

  3. Except kale, my husband would totally enjoy the remaining three.

  4. More scrumptious sides! The carrot salad looks great. Plus, you can't go wrong with cranberries at Thanksgiving! 🥕

  5. The carrots/cashews sounds especially good!

  6. I love a good salad and these all look delicious! I think I’m going to try the quinoa salad. That looks so good and like the perfect main dish. Pattie @Olla-Podrida

  7. I love making salad everyday and these are some great recipes.

  8. Four unique and yummy salads! The kale salad is calling my name!

  9. Although Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is right around the corner, and I have a feeling these salads would make a great appearance there, too!

  10. Many thanks for sharing these salad ideas :)

    Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

    All the best Jan


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