Breakfast and Brunch Recipes?

 Zucchini Biscuit Quiche-- great for company brunch

 Marvelous Mini Crustless Quiches- perfect to keep in the freezer and pop out anytime you need a snack

Super Moist Cornbread- Goes great warm with some butter

Savory or Sweet Corn Muffins; Your Choice- One recipe ; two versions

Mushroom, Cilantro ( and feta) Omelet- tasty Greek style omelet

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins- Easy, taste great, and kids love them.

Tomato and Egg Shakshookah ; - A Middle Eastern recipe with eggs cooked in salsa ingredients. 

 Raisin Oatmeal Cookies - Sweetened with bananas only - makes great breakfast take along for kids. Or add chocolate chips for a more snack like treat.

Refrigerator Oatmeal ( Weight Watchers Style)- Make ahead overnight oatmeal that provides a healthy breakfast and is ready for you whenever you wake up. Smooth, creamy, and healthy.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes- Put whole oats in the blender to make flour and make these tasty and healthy pancakes.

Banana Peanut Butter Spread- Nice combination of ingredients that makes a lower calorie and lower fat spread than regular peanut butter 

Rösti (Potato Pancakes Baked)- SRC - this are made from potatoes and are a fabulous companion to eggs or since they have eggs in them, just eat them for breakfast. Really tasty.. Use them for Chanuka latkes too..

Korean Bibimbap- a vegetable dish topped with an egg.. 

Pancake and Fruit Kabobs- a fun treat for kids of all ages. Makes a great presentation. Recipe is for mini pancakes made from oat flour. I just put the whole gluten free oats in the Vitamix , give it two bursts and I have a very usable gluten free flour. Also a recipe for a quick homemade butter pecan syrup.

Drink This; Lose Weight- One of my most popular posts. A great detox drink made from ingredients found in your kitchen. Also helps balance blood sugar.

Strawberry Muffins  - Delicious breakfast muffin made from Oat flour ( gluten free whole oats ground in the Vitamix in 1 second)  and fresh fruit. Perfect and healthy for breakfast.

Ayurvedic Cardamom Anise Tea- Get some cardamom pods and some anise seeds and by just using a pot in your kitchen, you can enjoy a wonderful relaxing herbal tea. The aroma is divine. Read the post for the medicinal benefits.

NoNa's Zucchini Quiche for Brunch - This is made in a large rectangular pan and serves about 8 easily especially if you have other food for brunch. Easy to make with step by step tutorial.

Egyptian Ful Medemas - This is a fava bean dish, but surprisingly in Egypt they eat it for breakfast. Healthy , hearty and tasty. Eat with hard boiled eggs.

Zucchini, Red Pepper Rings, and Spinach Quiche- Another easy quiche, but this one is very colorful and makes a pretty presentation.

Juicing - How to make fresh vegetable juices for extra energy; a few recipe ideas and book suggestions

How to cook eggs for a crowd- Some great ideas for cooking fried eggs in muffin tins- how to hard boil eggs in the oven, and how to steam your eggs for easy peeling.

.......... Dinner Recipes

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