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If you love soup and like healthy recipes that are easy to make and taste great, then this cookbook will make your life easier. 
My book is now available on Amazon. You can click the link below and view "inside" the book on Amazon. 

You won't find weird ingredients or complicated recipes in this down to earth basic cookbook that accommodates your preference as to make a recipe on the stove top or Instant Pot. I've provided instructions for each way for every soup that when applicable.

If you are wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, or trying to feel better, this cookbook with over 80 recipes and over 80 inspirational quotes, may help your reach your goals. 

The book is now available on Amazon. Easy 
plant-based soups cookbook (affiliate link to Amazon)

Easy Black Bean Soup

Bubbies Borsht From Russia

Spinach and Garlic 

Turkish Tomato 

Red Lentil Pea soup

Acorn Squash Lightly Spiced with Cardamom

Easy Plant-Based Soups 
From Farm To Ladle.  Many have asked how to order.

My book contains over 80 healthy soup recipes and 
80 inspirational quotes and time saving cooking tips to help encourage, guide, and inspire readers to 
reach a greater level of wellness. 

Lose Weight and Feel Better
If 2021 is the year the you want to have more energy, 
lose weight, and feel better, increasing plant-based foods 
such as delicious these easy soups, may finally help 
you reach your goals All recipes meet vegan and gluten-free standards and recipes have instructions for both the stove top 
and Instant Pot.

How to Order: 
A signed copy of Judee's spiral-bound special edition cookbook is now available by texting Judee at 267-981-4546 - 

 The book is $20 + $1.20 tax + $4 shipping. (locally avoid shipping cost)
Total $25.20 each book.

Order a singed copy for yourself or for a gift. Judee will ship a signed, gift wrapped copy to anywhere in the US. She accepts Venmo, 
Paypal or a check. For multiple copies to a single address shipping costs are reduced please text Judee to order multiple copies to one address (267 981 4546) 

Venmo: @judee-algazi   (4546 last four digits of phone if asked) 

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