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Vegan Green Bean Soup Made With Frozen Green Beans

Have you ever heard of green bean soup? 

green bean vegetable soup, vegan soup

From my research, it seems that this soup is of German origin and is called Grüne Bohnen Suppe which translates to Green Bean Soup. 
This is my vegan version of this delicious soup.

However, I've also seen recipes which refer to this type of soup as Slovak Green Bean Soup. Like most recipes, there can be many variations of the same type of recipe. Some of the recipes that I viewed included ground meat or sausages; some were vegetarian with potatoes, green beans, butter, flour or sour cream topping. 

Frozen Beans, Beans, Green, Delicious

Green beans happen to always be a staple in my freezer. 
That's why I was delighted to discover a soup recipe that calls for frozen green beans on Pandemonium Noshery (link to her recipe). I wasn't actually looking for a soup recipe, but I found her link when she shared this week on Weekend Cooking (link) which I frequent each weekend.

Easy Plant-based soups

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I LOVE soup and have even published a plant-based soups cookbook (affiliate link to Amazon) with over 80 easy and delicious soup recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and meet kosher requirements as well.

soup, green bean soup
The green beans soup; we like to add cooked rice

Using green beans as a primary vegetable in soup is a new idea for me. My green bean soup takes about 10-15 minutes of prep, the ingredients are simple and healthy, and it cooks quickly. Of course I used my Instant Pot, but you can make it on the stove top too.  Instant Pot 6 quart (affiliate Link to Amazon). 

Cilantro, Aromatic Herbs, Spices
If you don't like cilantro- just don't use it - no problem

This soup is the kid of soup that could appeal to both kids and adults. It has a mild comforting flavor and inviting aroma while cooking. My version deviates from the traditional ethnic recipes. Yet, those recipes inspired me to create a soup using green beans which would have never been in my repertoire of soups. 

Usd, Rice, Food, China Bowl, Rice, Rice

I'm sharing my very veganized version and it was really really good!
My husband asked for a second bowl.. (so I had seconds too). 

1/2 cup of chopped onion
5 cups of chopped potatoes (about 5 medium (not small)
1/2 cup of chopped carrots
1 cup of chopped yellow or orange sweet peppers 
3 cloves of garlic, diced small
2 large bay leaves that are removed before eating the soup
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric (for color)
Cracked pepper to taste
12 ounces of frozen cut green beans (about 5 full handfulls)
4 cups of a good tasting vegetable broth (such as Tabatchnicks)
4 cups of water
2 tablespoons of potato starch or instant potato flakes
1/2 capers + 1/4 cup of caper juice added after the soup is done and before serving
Optional: 2 cups of cooked rice added to the pot after cooking (I highly recommend it) 
1/2 cup of chopped cilantro for topping

Add onions, garlic, turmeric, potatoes, yellow peppers, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of cracked pepper, and 2 cups of vegetable broth to the insert liner of the Instant Pot. Turn on the sauté function and begin to cook the potatoes and vegetables for 5 minutes (Don't skip this step)
Add the green beans and remainder of ingredients, turn off the sauté function, and reset to pressure cook for 5 minutes. When done, release steam manually according to the manufacturers instructions. When all steam is released, remove lid. Add cooked rice if desired (I think it tastes amazing). Allow to sit for at least 1/2 hour or longer to allow the flavors to mingle. Top with cilantro before serving.

My Notes: 
1. I buy frozen green beans from Costco in super huge bags. I took 5 handfuls of frozen green beans to add to this soup. 

2. Don't forget to remove the bay leaves before consuming. 

3.  The carrots and the diced yellow sweet peppers are optional because they are not traditionally in this recipe.

4. Some of the more traditional recipes called for vinegar. I am not a fan of vinegar so I used my favorite which is caper juice. I substitute it for everything. LOVE the stuff and I love capers so I always add them to salad too. 

5. This one is strange but was suggested on a German site- add hummus. The site did not so how much or when to add it so I will experiment with that one. 

6. The prep time depends on how fast you chop. It's 10 minutes for me because the green beans are frozen. 

7. The longer this soup sat, the more I liked it. The vegtables become quite soft, but sometimes I like it that way for easier digestion. 

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  1. What a great idea. This time of year, fresh produce here is quite costly. Frozen is on our grocery list these days for sure.

    1. I keep mostly frozen because we eat out so much and if I get fresh, it often goes bad.

  2. I always have green beans (and broccoli) in my freezer too! It seems there are endless things to do with them, so thanks for one more. 🥦

    I'm glad you had a happy Thanksgiving at home. The husband and I went to his sister's this year. We hadn't seen her family since before the pandemic, so that was nice. As always, soak up the fun in Florida! 🌞

    1. Those are my two staples too. Nice you finally go tot see your husband's sister after such a long time.

  3. Healthy and yummy, Judee!
    I'd love to try this.

    1. Yes, it is healthy and yummy - just the way we like it.

  4. I have a lot of green beans in the freezer from the summer and this looks delicious. I'm going to have to give it a try. Have a great week!!

    1. That's wonderful that you put away summer beans in your freezer.

  5. So many ways to make vegetable soup!!

    best… mae at

    1. so true Mae... this one is the most unusual to me.

  6. The green bean soup in your first photograph looks very tasty.

    All the best Jan

    1. It was very tasty which I was surprised with all the green beans.

  7. It looks delicious and super healthy!....I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!........Abrazotes, Marcela

    1. We did have a good Thanksgiving . Thank you.

  8. I've never heard of green bean soup, but it sounds great. Green beans are a favorite of mine too, they are so versatile and a great way to make a different version of vegetable soup!

  9. sounds great. I've never bought frozen green beans but i bet you can. Must check it out.

  10. Fun! Thank you for trying and linking to it! It looks wonderful.

  11. Yum! I have a green bean soup recipe also, but now this one is on my list to make, thank you!


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