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Black Bean Salsa Soup ( Slow Cooker)

This spicy black bean soup is one of our favorites. Homemade soup is a staple in my house and some soup recipes seem to create themselves . This vegan and gluten free recipe for  black bean soup is usually made from a combination of whatever I have on hand, my mood, and the season. Spicy ( or mild) salsa gives it a kick.

Since butternut squash is in season right now, that is what I used for the orange vegetable of choice. In the winter, I would substitute carrots or yams.

Slow cooker is ideal for making soup

I find my crock pot is ideal for making soup. I just throw everything into the slow cooker in the morning, go to work, and come home to a fragrant kitchen and a nourishing pot of bubbling hot soup. It really is that easy.

Soup curbs the appetite with nutrient dense goodness

When you come home from work tired and hungry, instead of grabbing a handful of cookies while you make dinner, you can have a small bowl of soup to tide you over until you prepare dinner. I find that homemade soup is rich in nutrients, high in fiber, and delicious.  It will help you fill up, not out.

This soup can be frozen

Since a crock pot makes a large batch of soup, why not consider freezing some of the soup for next week. It is the perfect time saver and plan ahead strategy.

Using dry beans means thinking in advance

When I thought about this soup, I thought in advance. I washed and soaked a bag of black beans before I went to bed and then drained and rinsed them in the morning. ( no big deal right?)  It took some extra thought but minimal work.

After rinsing, I then added the soaked and rinsed beans to the crock with 1/2 a butternut squash ( cubed) , some peeled and sliced yams, chopped tomatoes, fresh garlic, sliced onion,  all kinds of herbs ( parsley, cilantro, basil)  and lots of celery. I think the celery is what really makes it.

Keep reading to find out why I call it a black bean salsa soup.

I let the soup cook all day ( 4 hours on high, 4 hours on low) or just do 6 hours on high.. 9 hours on low until the beans and veggies are soft.

Crock Pot before Cooking contains uncooked ( but soaked) black beans, butternut squash
yams, celery, fresh garlic, onion, parsley, cilantro, cumin, and Trader Joes' saltless seasoning
" 21 Salute" ( cover veggies with a little  more water or broth than this)

I know that it looks like a lot of butternut squash, but I promise you the soup is not sweet!
The squash is covering everything else.

Chilly fall nights call for soup

Homemade soup is perfect in the fall when the nights are beginning to be chilly and the house is not quite warmed up yet. Of course this is delicious too in the winter too.

Make a meal out of your soup
Since this soup has a significant amount of beans for protein, add some cooked brown rice or cooked quinoa when you serve it to make it a meal!

Butternut squash is plentiful at farms in our area right now, so I like to find lots of ways to use this health giving vegetable that is full of beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Add the salsa to give it a kick to each bowl when serving-

This soup is delicious and very mild. If you want a little kick add 2 tablespoons of chipotle spice while cooking or add a tablespoon of fire roasted salsa (mild) that I get at Trader Joe's (-which has no salt and is fabulous; see below )- to your bowl upon eating.. I always add the salsa and thus I call my soup Black Bean Salsa Soup..

Finished Soup; good but mild before addition of salsa

The small bowl contains the salsa

I add a tablespoon or so of  Trader Joe's Fire Roasted Salt Free Salsa ( mild) from the little bowl
 to add to my soup bowl for a  little kick

I have a thing for black beans; I think I could eat them everyday. They are filling, tasty, and nourishing. Read about the health benefits and versatility of black beans


1 16 ounce bag dry black beans , soaked overnight and drained
2 cups cubed butternut squash ( peeled) or 2 cups diced carrots
1 medium yam, peeled and cubed
4 large ribs of celery, sliced
2 large tomatoes, blanched and skin removed and chopped ( or canned chopped tomatoes)
1 medium onion , chopped
4 cloves garlic sliced thick ( or more to taste)
1/2 cup parsley, chopped
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
1 Tablespoon cumin
2 Tablespoons salt free seasoning - Trader Joe's has a salt free seasoning called,  " 21 Salute"
Water to cover or half water and half vegetable broth


Place the soaked and drained dry beans into your large crockpot. Add the remainder of vegetables, herbs, and spices.  Cover the contents with water ( about 10-14 cups) or half water and half broth. Cook on high for 4 hours and then on low for an additional 4 hours.  If you are not going to be home,  you can  cook on low for 9 hours or cook on high for 6 hours.

Forgot to soak the beans overnight? 
If you forgot to soak the beans overnight, use canned black beans and make the soup on the stovetop, It will need to cook for at least an hour and half until all the vegetables are soft.
or you could try canned beans in the crock pot. If you do , let me know how it works!!

CROCK POT FALAFEL- crazy idea but it works

Tip of the Day:

Do you know how many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your little ones ate today?
If your toddler is eating (GF) crackers, bread, pasta- probably not enough vitamins and antioxidants..
Try this fun trick.
Fill a muffin tin  with a variety of fresh fruit, cut up veggies, and healthy dips!
Let them pick from the colorful fresh food tray. Found this idea and photo on  a blog called Bfit  Bfree

                                                                  Photo from Bfit  Bfree
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lemony Greek Stuffed Tomatoes or Peppers ( Vegan)

vegan stuffed peppers

stuffed peppers |gluten freeLong before my recent trip to Greece, I had always loved and prepared Greek food such as these lemony Greek stuffed tomatoes (or peppers). I have been making them for years using my mother-in- laws recipe from Egypt. So many Greek and Middle Eastern foods are similar and are naturally gluten free.

I don't know why, but most Mediterranean countries notoriously like to stuff their vegetables. My mother- in-law (from Egypt) stuffs onions, grape leaves, squashes, peppers, and artichokes. Stuffed vegetables make an interesting colorful presentation for entertaining and can be used as a side dish or entree. Surprisingly, they are relatively easy to make.

I usually make this vegan recipe towards the end of the summer when peppers, tomatoes, and fresh herbs are seasonably plentiful. I like the contrast of  yellow peppers against the red tomatoes.It looks so pretty and colorful!

Greek stuffed vegetables are definitely crowd pleasers. The stuffing is almost always made with a significant amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice that cooks down in the tomato base to create a  sweet and tangy flavor that everyone seems to love. I added raisins to reduce the tartness of the lemon. These stuffed vegetables are light, tasty, gluten free, and vegan!  So enjoy!

A few photos from my trip to Greece!

Parthenon  ( Our trip to Greece 2009)

Ancient Greek Ruins ( Parthenon area) 
Greek windmill in a small village near Santorini, Greece

Typical Greek buildings, architecture and colors ( on the beach front)

stuffed peppers
Slice off the tops and hollow out the vegetables saving the inside of the tomato for the stuffing
rice stuffing
Prepare and cook the rice stuffing separately
vegan stuffed tomatoes and peppers
This picture shows the vegetables, stuffed but uncooked ( you can eat them this way or cook them)

vegan and gluten freevstuffed tomatoes and peppers
Stuff the hollowed out vegetables

gluten free stuffed peppers at
Cook in a Dutch oven pot in tomato juice, lemon and broth to soften veggies if desired.
Otherwise, you can eat the tomatoes or peppers raw- it's still good. 


Slice off top of 5 tomatoes and 4 peppers and hollow out ( save inside of tomato, chop and add to stuffing mixture)

Stuffing Ingredients

1 and half cups raw brown rice, washed and drained very well ( on Passover substitute raw washed quinoa)
2 1/2 cups onions, chopped
4 cloves fresh garlic ( or more to taste) , chopped
1/2 red or green pepper, chopped
2 -3 Tbsp olive oil or vegetable broth to sautee oil-free
5 additional tomatoes, chopped and use any juice that accumulates when cutting them 
1/2 cup dark raisins
2 Tbsp dried thyme ( don't omit)
Chop any fresh herb you have ( oregano, thyme, basil, ) one tablespoon of each
2 cups tasty vegetable broth.
1/4 -1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts, (optional, but delicious)
salt and pepper to taste

On low heat, slowly saute onions, garlic, brown rice and chopped yellow pepper  in olive oil or vegetable broth for oil-free for  5-7  minutes in a large skillet, stirring frequently until onions are soft but not browned.  Add chopped tomatoes, raisins, dried thyme and lemon juice and cook an additional 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Add broth, salt and cracked pepper if desired and any additional fresh herbs. Bring to a boil, cover with a lid and continue to cook on low until rice is soft . When you turn off the heat, leave the lid on to steam for about 15 more minutes . Uncover and  toss in toasted pine nuts ( optional)  Then stuff the peppers and tomatoes.  ( you may have stuffing left over . Stuff more vegetables or just eat  the leftover rice as a delicious side dish.

Cook the peppers and tomatoes or if you like, the peppers and tomatoes can be served raw just the way they are!  - (I prefer to cook them.)

To cook the stuffed peppers and tomatoes: Spray  a Dutch oven with cooking spray. Place stuffed tomatoes and pepper  in the plan. Turn on med heat and cook for about 5 minutes. Add 1/4 cup lemon juice,1 cup tomato juice, and 1/2 cup broth. Cook uncovered in the juice for 5 minutes on medium basting peppers with tomato and lemon sauce.   Cover and cook an additional 10-15 minutes until peppers and tomatoes are soft. Remove tomatoes earlier if they start to get too soft.

** note: If you use a large pepper, cut in in half to serve 

Sometimes I stuff small mini peppers too

What type of stuffed vegetables do you make? What is your favorite Greek Food?

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sauteed Spinach and Garlic With Gluten Free Pasta

Fresh spinach greens wilted in sauteed garlic and olive oil is always a winner in my house! Mixed some tasty gluten free pasta ( I use the organic brown rice noodles from Trader Joe's @ $1.99 / bag) you have a delicious, but easy vegan and gluten free main dish. ( For additional protein , you could add some toasted pine nuts). Recipe and details follow.

I had a very large container of fresh spinach in the refrigerator that I didn't know what to do with it. My cousin Harriet who was visiting me for a week from the Ft. Myers, Florida area said, " I'll saute your spinach in garlic and olive oil for you" . I thought we would eat it as a side dish, but once I saw the finished product , I knew it would be a hit over some brown rice gluten free pasta. Voila! this dish was born.

Since the spinach will cook down significantly, you need to buy a super sized quantity, which you can get at a store like BJ's or Costco. I bought organic baby spinach at BJ's. The package of spinach looks huge, but will cook down to about 2 cups of spinach.

Organic brown rice pasta Trader Joe's brand  ( $1.99/bag) and really good
Option: In addition, after cooking and draining the pasta,  if you add a few pats of real butter to a frying pan and heat up a portion of cooked pasta and spinach mixture , it is amazing!! ( but fattening) .
If you don't eat pasta, spaghetti squash can be substituted!

No matter which way you prepare it, this is a simple but delicious recipe.

Extra large family sized container of fresh spinach 
8 cloves of garlic (or more), peeled and sliced
1 package of gluten free pasta, cooked and drained
olive oil spray and 1 Tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper to taste 

Wash and pat dry spinach, set aside
Peel and slice garlic and saute in oil slowly over low to medium heat in a large skillet. Saute for about 3 minutes and then top with the spinach and allow spinach to wilt. (cover) about 2-3 minutes. Stir down and mix and set aside.
Toss it over cooked pasta ( or spaghetti squash) and serve.

                                 Click here to learn how to   Peel the whole head of garlic very quickly

 You also may want to chop up your spinach  with a knife
if it is stringy.( especially for kids) 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mock Chopped Liver - vegan

This is an absolutely delicious spread that looks and tastes like chopped liver but is actually made from walnuts and is entirely plant-based and vegan. 

If you are looking for a special appetizer to serve to guests, this is it. Everyone (except chopped liver haters) will LOVE IT. 

I serve it on a large slice of tomato or spread on (gluten free) crackers or (gluten free) bread/challah. I serve it mostly to company, and it's always a big hit.

Walnut, Nut, Walnuts, Nuts

Onions, Onion Rings, Cut, Food, Meal

It's Made With Just 3 Ingredients

  • sautéed onions (I sautee without oil-see notes at end of post)
  • walnuts
  • a can of baby peas (It won't taste like peas)

It's hard to believe how good the trio tastes when processed in the food processor. The flavors mingle and make a great spread.

Being a gluten free vegetarian/vegan, I miss some of the traditional foods that I grew up eating at Jewish holidays. Two of my best vegetarian versions of traditional holiday foods are my vegetarian gluten free matzo balls and this vegan chopped liver recipe. 

This recipe freezes well too! 
I frequently make the chopped liver in advance, divide it in half, and freeze it in two containers. It needs to be defrosted in the fridge and then pour off the small amount of liquid that forms before serving or put in a small mesh colander to drain if it seems to have too much liquid.

Author: Judee Algazi @ Gluten Free A-Z Blog
Cook Time: 20 minutes to sautee the onions
Prep Time: 2 minutes in the food processor to blend 
Total Time: 22 minutes


1 can of baby peas, drained well
1 cup of walnut halves or pieces
2 very large onions, sliced in half moons 
Cracked Pepper

Add onion slices to a wide skillet and saute very slowly on a low heat until the onions begin to sweat and release a small amount of liquid. Continue until no liquid is left (check and stir frequently) and add two tablespoons of water (or oil if you use it) and continue to cook until the onions begin to caramelize and look slightly reddish to bring out the sweetness of the onion. Make sure your onions are soft and and then set aside.
Add the walnuts to your food processor (sharp blade) and pulse quickly 2-3 times(on/off/on/off until coarsely ground (not entirely smooth or it will be nut butter) 

Add drained peas and cooked onions, sea salt and pepper to taste.
Pulse  on /off on /off until mixture is smooth but not overly processed or too mushy. Spoon into a small domed glass bowl and allow it sit for a minimum of about 25 minutes in the refrigerator. 

To serve: Turn the bowl upside down onto a flat serving plate and decorate with tomato wedges and cucumber slices on the side. 
Enjoy with gluten free crackers, crudités, or gluten free bread or at Passover - gluten free matzoh! 

I think it tastes best if the flavors have time to mingle (make it the day before) and I don't serve it cold- room temp is best.

Visual Step by Step

chop nuts in food processor ( this is not the correct amount of nuts) 

Assemble Ingredients

Saute onions very slowly until caramelized
                                       Process all of the ingredients in a food processor til smooth
I like to place the mixture in a domed bowl and allow to sit in the fridge for 25 minutes to mold. I then invert and it form a pretty dome.

1. How and why I sauté in broth instead of oil:
Personally, I do not want the extra calories from the oil. I find that I can saute in water or broth and I'm happy with the results. If you would like to try to saute in water or broth, the  directions follow. 

2. How to sauté in broth or water: 
I make sure the skillet is hot before I add the onions. I add the onions, stir, and allow them to cook while I stir for about 4 minutes. THEN slowly add about 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable broth or water and reduce the heat to low, and stir and allowing to sauté for at least 10 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent burning and adding a tablespoon at a time of additional broth if needed to prevent sticking.              

3. Passover variation: Use eggplant if you don't eat peas  - 
Peel and chop 1 large eggplant. Sauté in 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet, stirring frequently until the eggplant is soft. Season with salt and pepper, Use in place of peas in the food processor at Passover. ( I never tried sautéing the eggplant in broth or water- so not sure how that would work).

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Gluten Free Matzo Balls for Rosh Hashana

These Matzo Balls are so fabulous, I had to publish them again for the Jewish Holiday just in case you missed them when I published them last Rosh Hashanah.

Matzo balls were always one of my favorite foods before I became gluten free, so I really missed them.
I am a soup lover, and I had liked to eat matzo balls in my soup. Until now, I couldn't find a gluten free matzo ball recipe that really tasted authentic.

gluten free matzo balls at http://www,
Add caption

If you have never tasted matzo balls, you are really missing out. They are very popular on the east coast in a bowl of chicken soup. Kids of all ages love them, and they are surprisingly easy to make.

For years, my friend Paula , who cooks for two gluten free family members ( her husband and son) , has been telling me about her gluten free matzo balls. I never thought much about them until I was invited to her house for dinner and actually tasted them: totally authentic and delicious. I'm hooked.

This is Paula's recipe, and I'm sharing it just in time for Rosh Hashana ( The Jewish New Year ).

For those celebrating the holiday- I say: "L'shana Tova" ( which means to a good year) and for those who are not I still wish everyone everyone the blessings of health, peace, and happiness in the coming year.

Enjoy these matzo balls in your favorite soup. They are fabulous!!

2 T oil
2 large eggs
1/2 cup Glutino gluten free breadcrumbs (don't use Panko) or on Passover use GF Passover matzo meal
1 tsp salt
2 T seltzer ( optional)
**  I used Glutino gluten free breadcrumbs as shown in the picture. It worked great. I tried it another time with gluten free panko breadcrumbs and it was a mess..
 ** If you do not have to make them gluten free, substitute regular ground matzo meal
Put up an 8qt pot of water and bring it to a boil with a little salt if you like

In the meantime
In a small bowl beat eggs and oil and set aside
In a separate bowl mix bread crumbs and salt.
Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and blend well with fork.
Add seltzer
Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes ( this step is important)

Remove batter from refrigerator. Divide batter into just slightly smaller than golf ball size balls ( should make about 8-10 .
When water comes to a boil, drop in balls one at a time into the boiling water
Reduce to a simmer and cook for 30-40 minutes.
Add to warm soup and serve.

Step by Step

Assemble Ingredients
Beat eggs and oil

Mix in bread crumbs and salt . When mixed add seltzer.
Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes ( don't skip this)
Wet your hands and form into golf size balls ( makes about 12-13)
gluten free matzo balls at http://www,realfoodblogger,com
Drop  in boiling water
Boil for about 35 minutes until center is soft

Gluten free matzo balls
Use a slotted spoon to remove from water. Add to soup and serve.

Matzo balls also freeze well, so you can make them in advance.
 To Freeze: Lay them out on a cookie sheet and allow the matzo balls to become very firm, then remove from the tray and add to a baggie and freeze

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Great Quote About Forgiveness

I saw this quote one day and decided to pin it on Pinterest... I was amazed that over 3, 000 people repinned it within 2 weeks! To date it is still my most popular pin...

Pinterest  is such a great place to store all the things you want to remember! I have a complete bulletin board full of all the great quotes I love. In addition, I have a bulletin board with all kinds of things I see on the Internet like recipes I want to try, organisational ideas, tips for moms, etc. but have no where to store them, so I make a bulletin board for them on Pinterest and always have them . 

You can see all of my pins on Pinterest,  where I have a bulletin board with lots of ideas that I find all over the Internet for 

  • gluten free recipes 
  • decorating, 
  • organization, 
  • quotes,
  • ideas for kids,
  • blogging tips, 
  • photography tips,
  • ideas for natural remedies,
  • gardening tips 

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Eggplant Ratatouille SRC

Eggplant ratatouille is the perfect end of summer recipe!


Because ratatouille is made all of the vegetables that are abundant in the farmer's markets right now:  eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and red peppers:  This seasonal recipe, which originates from the Provence region of France, captures the flavors of summer and is economical, easy, and delicious.

I found this ratatouille recipe on a blog called The Tasty Cheapskate  which was my Secret Recipe Club assignment for the month of September. I was absolutely intrigued by the theme of her blog and this recipe, which was part of a challenge to feed a family of six on less than $10/day!! 

My family especially loved this recipe mixed into pasta ( Gluten free brown rice pasta from Trader Joe's). I cooked the ratatouille a little longer so the eggplant became soft and sticky and mingled with the red pepper, onions, and zucchini for an exceptionally tasty pasta dish.

It can also be eaten over rice or quinoa or eaten as a spread on gluten free bread or crackers! ( The Tasty Cheapskate featured a gluten free cracker for her September assignment)  no matter how you serve it , ratatouille is a welcome addition to any meal!

Of course this recipe meets gluten free and vegan standards! Enjoy

Eggplant Ratatouille
Serves 4-8
Prep time: 30 minutes

3 Tbsp olive oil
1 medium eggplant, cut into chunks ( about 1 inch) 
1 medium onion, sliced
1 large red bell pepper, chopped
1 medium zucchini, chopped in medium chunks
1 garlic clove, chopped fine
2 large tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp salt (I left it out)
2 Tbsps fresh basil, chopped 

The recipe called for a Tablespoon of sugar which I eliminated!
In large skillet, heat olive oil. Add eggplant, onion, pepper, and zucchini and saute for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add garlic and cook a minute or two more. Add tomatoes and salt. Cook, covered, until vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally. 
vegetables cut up to make ratatouille
Cut up zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, tomatoes , garlic and onions
Saute vegetables in a skillet
       Variation: Add some dry red wine to the mixture while cooking down.. for extra flavor
       Variation: Toss the Ratatouille over gluten free pasta.. In French " touiller" means to toss!!

Gluten Free Tip of the Week: 

If you want to make Gluten Free Matzo Balls, the following recipe is amazing and tastes every bit as good as a regular matzo balls - very easy and just a few ingredients- Gluten Free Matzo Balls

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arugula and Garlic Saute Over Spaghetti Squash

Arugula is a peppery green that is packed with healthy antioxidants and toxin cleansing chlorophyll. If you think of your body as a machine, you realize that you need to clean it out sometimes or it will become clogged  and then toxins get trapped inside your body. The bad news is that toxins are stored in fat and without cleansing, you store more fat.

Greens  ( kale, collard, arugula, romaine lettuce, spinach, etc) are powerful detoxifiers that encourage the body to eliminate extra fat. As long as you have toxins, you will probably have excess fat, especially around the belly. For more information on how greens reduce belly fat read " Reduce Belly Fat with Greens"

I love the peppery taste of raw arugula in salads, which is probably the most beneficial way to eat arugula.

 It is  a great source of vitamins A, C,  iron, potassium and fiber as well as other minerals and nutrients that are essential for proper body health. It also contains vitamins K and P which help maintain a healthy liver, which is the filter of the body and needs to be kept clean. 

So, don't forget to add a handful of arugula to your salads. The health giving benefits are worth it!

This is the first time I ever tried to cook arugula..
Lightly sauteed in garlic and oil, arugula has a wonderful flavor.
 I tossed the sauteed garlic and arugula with baked spaghetti squash, but you could use any grain or gluten free pasta..

Arugula is available in most supermarkets. I purchased a super size container at BJ's, and that is why I needed to find some innovative ways to use it up.

I liked it cooked. It made a nice and healthy side dish.

1 spaghetti squash ( pierced with a fork and baked at 350 for about 1 hour till soft)
3 cups arugula, washed well
4 cloves of garlic , sliced
2 TBSP olive oil or olive oil spray for sauteing

 Saute olive oil and garlic in a skillet for about 3 minutes. Add fresh arugula and sautee for about 3 more minutes until wilted. Toss with spaghetti squash .

Variations: Add feta cheese spread to mixture ( my favorite) or add spaghetti sauce
How to cook spaghetti squash

Assemble Baked spaghetti squash, arugula, and garlic

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