Sunday, May 26, 2024

Home From Our Cruise and Extended Vacation in London and Paris-

I'm back!! And our adventurous three and half week vacation transatlantic cruise and time in London and Paris was wonderful!

Despite my concerns about spending 8 straight days at sea before making stops in Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium, the 14 day transatlantic cruise was fabulous and went by very quickly! 

Daily Lectures: 
There was so much to do everyday starting with morning lectures by college professors who were off for the summer and employed by the cruise line as cruise lecturers (for the summer in Europe).  

John Bailey Artist from Miami

Our favorite daily lecturer was a passionate college professor from Miami who brought history and art alive!

John William Bailly is a French–American artist born in 1968 in Slough, UK based in Lyon and Miami. He received his MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University, and has been a Faculty Fellow of the Honors College at Florida International University since 2004. His work explores history and culture, with an emphasis on the Transatlantic dialogue. His paintings explore the question of how we are who we are in relation to history, place, and culture. (taken from his website)

Free Ai Generated Cappuccino illustration and picture

Coffee Shop: 

After the lecture or lectures in the morning, we would visit the cafe for a decaf cappuccino or decaf latte with another couple or two and discuss the lecture. So much fun!!

buffet on a cruise ship


Although there were several elegant dining rooms offering lunch daily, we usually frequented the enormous lunch buffet, boasting a vast number of choices that accommodated most dietary preferences. 

The beautiful buffet included extensive salad bars, pizza and pasta stations (complete with gluten-free alternatives), sandwich counters, and dedicated sections for Indian and Asian cuisines, among others. Personally, I didn't explore meat, fish and chicken offerings.

man eating lunch

After piling up a hefty plate of food, my husband and I would meet on the outdoor deck to enjoy our lunch in the beautiful light breeze and breathtaking ocean view. 


The afternoon ship activity schedule could keep you as busy as you like with planned activities, music, games, etc. or you could choose to read a book, relax around the pool, go to the gym, walk the designated walking path, play ping pong or pickel ball, play cards, shmooz, get a massage in the spa, watch a movie or explore the many gift shops on the ship. 

Free Book Read photo and picture


I read 4 books while traveling (on the cruise, plane, trains, etc.) 

The Women -Kristin Hannah (exploration into the women heros of the Vietnam War and the prejudice against women and the struggles and challenges after returning from war. )

The Four Winds- Kristin Hannah -story of an Italian American family devastated by the extreme drought and dust bowls that forced them to leave  their farm and home and barely survive as migrant workers in California while enduring poverty, homelessness, starvation, illness, and rejection and prejudice.

Leaving Eastern Parkway - Matthew Daub - takes the reader into the world of Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, New York. Story of a young 15 year old teenager forced to fend for himself after the accident/death of his parents. He is challenged to make decisions that conflict with his upbringing and beliefs during his efforts to survive. Guilt, fear, and injustice are themes. 

The Fortune Teller of Katmandu -Ann Bennett - takes place in the UK and India. Multigenerational stories are intertwined in this interesting story about the secrets of they all share. Wartime WW11 

I enjoyed them all. 
Kristen Hannah is one of my favorite authors. 
I tend to read historical fiction and often read on my iPad.  

Free Ipad Tablet photo and picture

 I  returned late Friday night to Miami Beach, and I am still feeling jet-lagged with a 5 hour time difference from Paris. I woke up at 4:40 this morning thinking it was time to get up.. I'm sure I'll be tired later.

The weather is gorgeous- sunny and 85 degrees in Miami Beach!  That's it for now- I'm heading for the beach! 

More in the next post... 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

What I Eat In A Day On A Plant-Based Diet

Free Cover Plate photo and picture

Do you ever think about eating less animal protein and eating more plant-based meals? 

In a world where not just adults but even children struggle with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer etc, scientific research proves that diet as the #1 culprit of these problems. See how you can eat a full day of plant-based meals and enjoy them. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Elevate Your Dishes with Homemade Tofu Ricotta Cheese: A Versatile Vegan Delight

Elevate Your Dishes with Homemade Tofu Ricotta Cheese: A Versatile Vegan Delight

vegan ricotta cheese

Do you love cheese but are trying to cut back on high fat foods and inflammatory dairy? Try this 2 ingredient, easy, delicious alternative.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cruise Ship, Night, Port, Ship

I'm leaving for my cruise to Europe in the morning. 
I'm all packed and ready to go. 
I have to admit that the packing was challenging in a carry-on suitcase and a carry on bag for this 4 week vacation