Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Easy Strawberry Mint Popsicles

popsicles from fresh strawberries and fresh mint

Fresh fruit strawberry popsicles with a touch of fresh mint make a refreshing summer treat that is perfect for both kids and adults, and it couldn't be easier to make! 

As temperatures rise into the 90s, cold refreshing popsicles will hit the spot. Prep time for these easy to make pops is just 5 minutes, while the freeze time is about 4 hours.

Due to how highly strawberries are sprayed with pesticides, I always buy organic strawberries which have been on sale in all my local markets for the past two weeks. 

Hence, last week, I made 2 wonderful recipes: strawberry blondies and chilled strawberry soup!

Yesterday, I bought another 2 quarts of organic strawberries, and although I could have frozen the berries to use in the future for smoothies or homemade ice cream, I decided to make these refreshing popsicles.

strawberry mint pops

I had purchased mint for another recipe, so I added some mint to my pops. 

a big bunch of mint
You could add basil instead or add no herb at all.  Regardless, the popsicle will be fruity, cooling, and delicious. Personally, I am a big fan of  rosewater (affiliate link) and I love the taste of strawberries or watermelon with rosewater, so sometimes I will add a tablespoon to my mixture.

Your popsicles will only be as sweet as the sweetness of your berries, so if your berries are tart, add a little stevia, maple syrup, or honey to the fruit mixture if you need it.

Today is my friend Vicki's Birthday! 
So Happy Birthday to a dear and valued friend .
I wish you all the best!


2 cups of organic strawberries, cleaned 
1/4 cup of nut milk 
5 drops of liquid stevia (or any sweeter of your choice)

Place the strawberries, nut milk, and stevia in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into 4 popsicle molds and freeze for a minimum of 4 hours. 

homemade strawberry popsicles

Sunday, July 5, 2020

A Peek At My Week 7/3

This post is about another week of sheltering at home, book review, Youtube documentary review, and two amazing summer salad recipes. 

I stay home most of the time except for my morning one hour walk and grocery shopping. I do meet friends online to play Canasta and Mahjong. I planted tons of flowers to enjoy in my yard this summer.

I attended a funeral this week of a neighbor and a good friend who died after a long illness (not COVID). I was shocked that there were so many people at the viewing that chose not to wear a mask, including the immediate family.

There were 85 people and it was kind of close together until the mass started and we separated throughout a large church. I wore a double mask and needless to say was not very comfortable with the situation. In addition, they had an indoor luncheon at a country club with 57 unmasked attendees. I didn't go to lunch. I was very uncomfortable and I'm now quarantining this week. We live in Pennsylvania. 

What I'm Watching: "No Place On Earth"  is an excellent documentary on Youtube.

The Trailer: 5-minute watch

The Documentary:   1 hr and half 

This was an extremely interesting documentary about a cave expert who is exploring in Ukraine, looking for his family roots and comes across evidence of people living in the caves. 

He discovers eventually that an extended family of 38 people survived the Holocaust by living in a huge gypsum cave. Only the men family members ventured out in search of food and supplies (which they stole). Not only did they live in these dark candlelit quarters with no running water or electricity, but they also did so for a year and a half. They gathered water that dripped into the cave from the ceiling and sometimes only had one glass of water a day for a family. The amazing part is that many of them survived and are alive today to tell and verify their story. It was a fascinating documentary and made me realize how good we have it despite being shut-in. 
Notes: The sound of the documentary was very low. I could hear it best watching on my Smart TV where I could turn up the volume very high.

What I'm Reading: 
I'm still reading 

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet
I am still in the middle of reading this book, but it grabbed me in right from the first page.  It's an intriguing story of twin sisters growing up in the segregated South in the 1950s. As teenagers, they run away and make their own lives. One of the sisters passes for white, while the other lives the life of a black woman. It explores the differences in their lives, opportunities, treatment, etc.  The characters are well developed and the author's writing style impactful. Can't put it down. I highly recommend it. 

What I'm Cooking: 

Jersey Corn and Tomato Salad 
I cut the corn off the cob and use the corn raw in this delicious summer salad. Raw corn kernels are sweet, juicy, crunchy, and delicious. (link to recipe)

Mango Peach Summer Salsa Salad 
I love this refreshing summer salad. It is my friend Vicki's recipe and it is delicious especially in hot weather. It's mango season and mangos are very reasonable right now. (link to the recipe)

Sharing on Sunday Salon 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Creamy Strawberry Soup- Vegan and Gluten Free

creamy vegan strawberry soup

I'm addicted to this light delicious chilled soup that I've been enjoying in this hot humid weather. I know there are many people who just can't wrap their finger around the idea of "chilled soup". I used to be one of them. I guess it's an acquired taste and concept. Call it a smoothie if you don't like the idea of "chilled soup."

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Peek at My Week 6/28 - Books, Netflix, Cooking

Yes, it's been 3 months and I'm still staying at home. We have done some socializing on our deck, but with just one friend at a time or with my kids and grandkids and 6 feet distance. I do grocery shop as well, but that's it.

Mah Jong tiles (these are flowers)

This post has book reviews, 2 recipes, and Netflix review: 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Zucchini Noodles and Tofu

zucchini noodles and tofu in sauce

Can you imagine the taste of the fresh ginger, tomatoes, onion, and zucchini in this flavorful Asian dish?  If you like Asian cuisine, you will love this quick and easy zucchini noodles and tofu recipe that I make every summer.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Peek At My Week 6/19

I can't believe that it's been 3 months since we have been sheltering at home.
People are beginning to ease up a bit and are venturing out somewhat more and actually going into other people's homes and restaurants. 

I haven't ordered any food or eaten out yet, whether inside or outside.

This week I'm sharing 2 book reviews, 1 Netflix review, 2 roasted soup recipes.

My friend Vicki sent me a chart that rates activities according to their risk factor. According to her chart: