Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Giggle Juice

giggle juice, strawberries, vodka, moscato

It's party time!! I very seldom post an alcoholic beverage, but this giggle juice just needed to be shared! I think the name says it all to get a party going!

I saw the recipe on a blog called The Chef MiMi Blog and had an immediate attraction to it. It could actually be made as a mocktail too   without alcohol. 

Strawberries, Fruits, Bowl, Fruit Bowl

Can you picture a hot summer evening with a group of friends talking and sipping this delicious punch like drink. Yum! Maybe a non alcoholic version for the grandkids and some real stuff for the adults! 

Pink lemonade, strawberries, field

I do a lot more entertaining in the summer when we can take advantage of our spacious deck and accommodate a larger crowd. 

strawberries and lime

Refreshing drinks are always welcome. I like this one because it is not too sweet yet has some interesting flavors. 

Aside from the strawberries and limes, 
this cocktail contains moscato, lemonade, lemon soda, and some vodka (make sure your vodka is gluten free) 

I love the way Chef Mimi made a sugar rim on her drinks.  

 If I were making it as a non-alcoholic mocktail, I would just use strawberries, limes, pink lemonade, and Sprite or seltzer! Still fun, bubbly, and good!! 

Hand, Woman, Female, Jar, Glass, lemonade

Frozen Giggle Juice: 
My favorite way to drink Giggle Juice on a hot summers day is as a frozen slush concentrate which is also very easy to make.

slushy cocktail, giggle juice, slush, vegan cocktail

strawberry lime coctail

For this version: 
Use frozen lemonade containers that they sell in the freezer section of the supermarket. They come in a small container like the frozen orange juice container and work great blended with ice and frozen strawberries.

I originally saw the idea and recipe for slushy giggle juice and popsicles on this link at a blog called (link) 

How about  Giggle Juice Popsicles? Really great in hot weather. 

Popsicles, Strawberry Popsicles, Red

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My Notes: 

According to many sources, Vodka is gluten free regardless of its non gluten free sources because of the distilling process. However, some sensitive individuals may still react if vodka is distilled from wheat, barley or other grain. To be safe choose a brand of vodka that is made from non-grains such as potatoes. There are also many brands on the market that are labeled gluten-free.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the links to other blogs linked on this post. I am just sharing some links that I found when browsing through the web. Use their recipes at your own risk and always check to make sure everything is gluten-free before you make it.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Salad Nicoise Vegan Style

Vegan salad nicoise, green beans, artichoke hearts

Salad Nicoise is a popular French salad which originated in the early 19th century in the town of Nice on the French Riviera in France.

It is customarily served on a flat platter and includes some green beans, tuna, hard boiled egg, tomatoes and perhaps some some boiled potato. My vegan style platter is different but both delicious and interesting and gives you a good visual of a plant-based meal.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Remembering the past with Dad

My father has been gone for many years, but it's Father's Day and I've taken time to think about the past and remember him. 

My father, Abe, was a simple man. He was well liked by everyone, he loved to laugh, "kibbitz" as we said, and was always there to help others. If anyone was in need, my father was there. Nothing was too much to ask him.