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Beet Detox Drink + my favorite beet recipes

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 Do you like beets?
 Beets are one of nature's natural and potent detoxifiers.
 The components of this bright red vegetable help provide an avenue for harmful toxins to be eliminated from the body. I've included a way to use raw beet for juicing to make a Beet Detox Drink and 5 of my favorite cooked beet recipes!

After indulging during the holidays, I felt it was time to get back on track- adding more vegetables like beets to my diet, just makes sense to help detox  some of the bloat, toxins, and few extra pounds that I've accumulated. 

To detox with beets: add a 1/4 fresh beet ( peeled) to your favorite fresh juice ( made in the juicer)  or add to a smoothie - remember : raw beets are potent, you don't need a lot.

My Beet Detox Drink
  • I sometimes juice using my juicer ( not a Bullet )
  • 2 -3 carrots,
  • 2 stalks celery,
  • 1/4 beet,
  •  4 stalks romaine lettuce,
  • 1/2 cucumber ( all organic) .
  • After juicing,  I add some water to the glass so it is not too sweet and a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil. ( need to know more ? here is more in depth info on how and what to juice- need more energy? then juice
  • _________________________________________________________________
Don't like beets?
Here are two other ways to use food to detox 
without using beets

1. Winter Soup Detox Soup - the most popular post on my blog- everyone loves nourishing, satisfying, warming winter detox

2. Morning ph balancing drink- my #2 most popular post
    Drink This, lose weight


Eliminating junk food, processed foods, and adding a fresh vegetable smoothie or fresh vegetable juice daily is a great way to get started!

Cooked beets are delicious and contain valuable nutrients and antioxidants. Even kids love them!The best part is that they are actually  low in calories, have significant fiber, low in fat, rich in potassium and have zero cholesterol. (sounds like a good choice)

Two reasons that I often forget to eat or make beets
  1. I love them, but my husband won't touch them with a ten foot poll.
  2. They can be a little messy to make and do stain, so you have to be careful.
I've learned to use rubber gloves when handling them.

If you are looking to add more variety to your meals and want to improve your diet, don't forget about beets!

My Favorite Beet Recipes

Beet Salad with Lemon, Celery and Mint  is a favorite recipe that has a rich lemony taste. This crunchy side dish can be eaten with just about any meal. It hints a Middle Eastern flavor that is very inviting.  I like beets topped with a dollup of Greek yogurt or sour cream. (otherwise this recipe is vegan gluten free/grain free)

small salad of beets, celery, mint and lemon juice

Beet and Orange Salad in White Balsamic Vinegar is colorful to look at and makes a beautiful presentation. The sweetness of the beets and oranges mixed with tart balsamic vinegar makes a tangy side dish that is sure to please all beet lovers! Vegan, gluten free/grain free)

Quinoa Lover's Salad with Roasted Beets- This is one of our favorites! It is a perfect entrĂ©e that satisfies your vegetarian or vegan guests while delighting meat eaters as a side dish. Quinoa is high in protein, light in taste, and nutrient dense. The addition of roasted beets makes it hearty and delicious. (vegan, gluten free/ )

Medley of Roasted Winter acorn Squash and roasted beets is a perfect combination that adds a little sweetness to the blander acorn squash. Roasting the vegetables brings out the best flavors. ( vegan, gluten free/grain free) 

Hearty Beet Borscht Soup; Cold or hot- I think you either love beet soup or you hate it! I'm used to it because of my eastern European background. My grandparents and parents ate it on a regular basis: hot in the winter and cold in the summer. ( my grandmother lived to be 107 - was it the borsht??? (vegan, gluten free/grain free)

Caramelized Beets in Balsamic Glaze- Simple to make; a delight to eat. We enjoy this easy but delicious way to eat beets. Looks pretty too.

What are your favorite beet recipes? Please share

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