Thursday, June 11, 2020

How To Cook Rice In the Instant Pot

brown rice

Did you know you can use your Instant Pot as a rice cooker? The rice cooks up perfectly and will remain hot until you are ready to serve it.

Rice is a staple in our family, and we make it frequently.  My husband was born in the Middle East, where rice was served at almost every meal. Rice has always been an essential ingredient in many countries all over the world.

Whether you prefer brown, white, Jasmine, or basmati rice, each can easily be cooked in your Instant Pot and it will keep warm until ready to serve it. 

For example-If I'm having company or even for a daily dinner, I set the rice up in the IP and then I set it to begin cooking about a half-hour before we want to eat it. I then let it slow release. When I open the lid after all steam has released,  the rice is piping hot and ready to serve and enjoy.

** I always wash my rice first according to the instructions.

rice on a spoon

Rice:    1 cup
Water: 1 cup (+ 1/4 cup extra per cup for brown rice)
Time:  Press "rice" on the Instant Pot and it will cook for 12 minutes.

Freeze Rice Packets
Got leftover rice? Did you know you can freeze it? See my post how I freeze leftover rice in individual size packets of rice- 

salad bowl

How do you cook your rice in the IP?


  1. We always use basmati which we have to soak for fifteen minutes.

  2. Awesome! Love those back-to-basics posts and thanks for all the great tips, Judee.

  3. Thanks for the tips, Judee!
    It gives me an idea to cook my glutenous rice in the IP instead of the pot and the steamer.

  4. I was given a Crockpot pressure cooker/slow cooker thing for my birthday. We usually cook our rice in the microwave but I might give it a try in the cooker!

  5. I need to try this in my Instant Pot. I would love to have a device make rice for me while I'm prepping something to go with it. Plus, I just adore rice! Thanks for sharing such a helpful information post, Judee!

  6. I don't know what I'm hitting wrong on my tablet but my comment goes away. So if this is a second one, that's why. I love Instant Pot. I tossed some rice into my pressure cooked soup, yesterday. So fun to play.


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