Sunday, June 28, 2020

Peek at My Week 6/28 - Books, Netflix, Cooking

Yes, it's been 3 months and I'm still staying at home. We have done some socializing on our deck, but with just one friend at a time or with my kids and grandkids and 6 feet distance. I do grocery shop as well, but that's it.

Mah Jong tiles (these are flowers)

This post has book reviews, 2 recipes, and Netflix review: 

One of the activities I really miss is my weekly mah Jong game that we have been playing for 30 years. So now, I've started playing mah Jong online at . There is no charge if you only play 8 games/day, which is plenty for me.  I also play canasta online on an app that I paid a flat $10. I hope we will be able to play in person again soon.

I purchased 6 hanging baskets and filled my deck with flowers! We are spending much more time than usual on the deck, so I wanted it to feel pretty when we are outside.

What I'm Reading: 

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet
I am still in the middle of reading this book, but it grabbed me in right from the first page.  It's an intriguing story of twin sisters growing up in the segregated South in the 1950s. As teenagers, they run away and make their own lives. One of the sisters passes for white, while the other lives the life of a black woman. It explores the differences in their lives, opportunities, treatment, etc.  The characters are well developed and the author's writing style impactful. Can't put it down. I highly recommend it. 

If You Only Knew by Kristin Higgins
A light story about women, marriage, infidelity, and human nature. It is the story of two sisters living in the suburbs outside of NYC, their unfaithful husbands, and their personal growth and evolvement in their quest for self-respect, independence, and happiness. An entertaining story and a thought-provoking read. 

What I'm Watching: 
Nothing really this week- Have any suggestions for me on Netflix or Prime? I'm looking for a new series or movie!!

What I'm Cooking: Vegan Carrot Hot Dogs (link)

With July 4 around the corner, I'm thinking about plant-based alternatives. These carrot hot dogs look like the real thing, but of course, they are just a marinated grilled carrot. Certainly taste good and are fun for July 4th celebrations! Udi's sells gluten-free hot dog rolls! 

Asian Peanut Coleslaw (link to recipe)

This is a great salad for any BBQ type celebration. I use a bag of pre-cut shredded cabbage and it comes together rather quickly. Lot's of delicious Asian flavor with crunchy vegetables in this gluten-free plant-based salad.

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  1. Those flowers in the hanging baskets are really beautiful. Love that asian slaw!

  2. I played Mah Jong as a kid and really liked it ... I can see how you would miss it. I didn't realize you could play online, nice! Your deck must be quite pretty with all the flowers. I too plan to read the Brit Bennett book soon. Glad you are liking it.

  3. I played Mah Jong often with my grandparents growing up. I’ve never really been able to interest my kids in playing though.I do have an app on my iPad and play against the ai, but it’s not the same.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  4. I never played Mah Jong. We've basically been staying home too. The Kristin Higgins book looks good. Have a great week!

  5. Adding the Vanishing Half to my reading list. I wasn't aware of the storyline until now. Thank you. Happy 4th of July! My Sunday Salon is full of good news

  6. Love your flowers! They look so pretty!

  7. That’s a very pretty hanging basket of flowers.
    Have a great week, Judee!

  8. That salad looks tasty. I'm going to have to give it try.
    Movie rec: Fast Color. It's a family drama superhero movie. It should be on Prime.

  9. Have you watched Upload on Prime? I thought it was pretty good.


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