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Pasta With Spinach and Za'atar In The Instant Pot

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Spinach and za'atar are a winning combination in this delicious 
pasta dinner made in the Instant Pot.

I used chickpea pasta which is made from chickpea flour. It is a high protein pasta with 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. Thus no need to add a protein to make this a meal. Of course it is gluten-free.
It is sold in most supermarkets and Costco.

box of chickpea pasta

Once you make pasta in the Instant Pot, you will understand why there is no reason to boil water, let it cook, heat up the house, drain the water etc.

penne pasta with sauce

So Easy 
To make pasta in the Instant Pot, I simply put the pasta, sauce, and water, in the Instant Pot, set it to pressure cook for 4 minutes(2 minutes if very thin spaghetti) ,and then allow it to sit for 4 minutes before I release the pressure. When I open the pot it's ready to eat. 

Instant Pot

Cook Time Varies 
The cook time will vary depending on the type of pasta you are using. The thinner the past the faster it will cook. See post for thin GF pasta. (link)

In this case, I used chickpea pasta pencil points. I pressure cooked them for 4 minutes and then manually released the pressure gauge after it sat for 4 additional minutes.

Vegetable Options: 
Once you turn off the pressure cook function and allow all the steam to release, you can remove the lid and add fresh spinach to the pasta (in the Instant Pot) cover (but don't turn back on), and allow it to wilt for 3 minutes without cooking. Uncover the lid and serve. 

I used a 6 quart Instant Pot (cut recipe in half for a 3 qt Instant Pot)

My recipe for chickpea pasta with spinach and za'atar

1 8 ounce container of chickpea pasta 
1 jar of marinara sauce (I use Whole Food 365 brand organic fat free) 
2 cups of water (or enough to JUST cover the pasta
1 teaspoon of garlic powder 
1/2 teaspoon of chili powder
Black cracked pepper 

Add the pasta to the insert liner of the Instant Pot. Pour a full jar of marinara sauce over the pasta (do not stir or the pasta will burn), add water, and all seasoning except the za'atar. Cover, set to pressure cook at 4 minutes. When done, allow to sit for 4 additional minutes and then manually release the steam according to the manufacturers directions. When all steam is released, open the lid and add 2 cups of fresh baby spinach. Mix in with the pasta, allow it to wilt, and then serve. Sprinkle Za'atar over each bowl. 

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My Notes: 
1. Use any pasta that you like with the same method and recipe.
2. See my recipe for Perfect spaghetti in the Instant pot (link)
3. Most, but not all, za'atars are gluten-free. Always read the labels as some may contain wheat.

Za'atar Seasoning (link)  is available in many stores or online. The one I linked here is from Israel (Kosher and Parve) and is made with hyssop, which is an herb mentioned in the bible.

Another Za'atar that I buy online is a Lebanese za'atar recipe. It contains oregano and sumac as the main spices-  Sahadi Lebanese Style Zaatar - 7 Sahadi Lebanese Style Zaatar - 7 ounce
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  1. I love zaatar and use it as a topping very often. Your pasta sounds great!

  2. that pasta looks as good as farina pasta. I'm surprised as GF pasta doesn't usually hold its shape.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  3. Another inviting Instant Pot option! I've never heard of zaatar. I always learn so much on here! And your lovely garnished bowl looks restaurant ready. πŸŒΏπŸ’š

  4. What a simple, tasty pasta dish. I'll make it ASAP (need to buy some new Zaatar and that should do the trick.

  5. We love za'atar spice! Have not added it to pasta before so we need to give this recipe a try. Attempting to comment again... hope it goes through this time.


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