Sunday, October 30, 2022

Getting Ready For Halloween

I'm getting in the spirit of Halloween with some photos of Halloween decorations and treats that I took in my neighborhood in the past. 

As many of you know, I am a now a snowbird and spend 6 months in Florida and the remainder of the time in Pennsylvania. 

Beautiful Fall Mums At A Local Market in Pa.

We came to Florida early this season, so I'm celebrating one of my first Halloween's in South Florida. Perhaps it is because our condo is in a city- type area with high rise buildings, but I see no signs anywhere of the upcoming celebration. (we do have lots of kids in the buildings)

Yesterday, I found out that there will be trick or treating in my 23 story building with 600 units. If I'm going to give out candy, I need to sign up and my name will be added to a list for the trick or treaters. Makes sense! 

Despite no decorations in my Florida neighborhood, I'm getting in the spirit with my old photos from back North! Come join me!

These spooky guys were actually sitting on a stoop in my son's neighborhood in New York when I went to visit him.
This is one of my favorites.

tangerines, Halloween, bananas
A friend made these snacks for refreshments at my Mah Jong game

mums, orange flowers, Halloween,
Love the orange mums 

scarecrows, decorations, Halloween
Love this family of  scarecrows 

pumpkin farm, pumpkins,
The farm, a block from my house in Pennsylvania, harvests their pumpkins and sells them before Halloween

trick or treat bag
Cute trick or treat bag and some little pumpkin cake balls 

carved pumpkins, Halloween
These pumpkins were carved by a neighbor in Pennsylvania  He has a big display in his garage the night before Halloween. He is quite talented.

Crudite and Dip Anyone? 

Bye Bye

Happy Halloween !!

Are you going to any Halloween Parties? 

PS: As a few bloggers have noticed, my RSS feed seems to have started working again. There is a place to give feedback to Google (who runs blogger) and let them know but they do not communicate back. I did that twice and the RSS feed seems to be working now. However, on the Reading List my thumbprint photos don't appear and on Bloglovin' my lead photo is very blurry. Not sure how it is on the other feeds. But I'm thankful for some presence again!! 


  1. The fall mums look so lovely and all the Halloween decorations are so cool!

  2. What a great bunch of photos. Happy Halloween!!

  3. The decorative food is a cute idea!

  4. Have fun during this season!.......Abrazotes, Marcela

  5. Those carvings your friend did are amazing.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  6. This is so fun and festive! Your friend's Halloween-themed oranges and bananas are adorable, and your neighbor's pumpkin carvings are amazing. And your creepy crawler dip is as cute as a, well, bug! On another note, I'm so glad that you got your RSS feed issue fixed. Computers sometimes, am I right? 🎃

  7. Oh, you were ready! Love the carvings and all the festivities. Everything is so festive! I hope it was happy!


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