Sunday, February 13, 2022


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It's time to take a peek into my kitchen and see what's happening in the month of February. I'm still in my Florida kitchen.

This OXO container stores my gluten-free oatmeal in the refrigerator. It's sturdy and convenient. I made  no sugar (Recipe link) simple oatmeal breakfast cookies which can be made with as few as 3 ingredients.

Lemon/Lime Squeezer

Lemon and Lime Squeezer 

I love this lemon squeezer. Although they sell a smaller green one for limes, I find this size works for both lemons and limes. It really gets every drop of juice out of the lemon or lime. I bought mine in Home Goods for $5.99. It sells for over $10 in most other stores. 

Herbal Tea Container

Herbal Tea Container

Herbal Tea 

As you may know, I love painted ceramics. This cute little container holds my herbal tea selection and sits on a counter in my kitchen. It looks pretty and matches the reds and the gray color scheme that I have in my Florida kitchen.

Better Than Bouillon

This is crazy. I keep some Better Than Bouillon on hand in Florida because my refrigerator and freezer are small and I don't have room to store my homemade vegetable stock/broth. I usually buy the small size in the supermarket. Last week I was in Costco and saw the supersize AND GUESS WHAT- same price as the small size in the supermarket. 

I used the bouillion to make a (recipe link) zucchini/yellow squash soup. 

Gluten-Free Vegan Pizza

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I found a restaurant in Hollywood, Florida (not far from where I live in Miami) that makes awesome gluten-free vegan pizzas. 

Sometimes I just crave pizza and decided to give it a try and take one home. Well, I had no complaints about the taste of the pizza- in fact the crust was great compared to other gluten-free pizzas at other restaurants that are good. But this vegan pizza (made with vegan cheese, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, etc.) cost $35 before tax and tip. 

Usually a similar gluten-free pizza that is almost as good would be about $20. 

Would you pay the extra? I can't decide if I'll go back.

I'm joining Sherry's IMK (In My Kitchen) "blog share" for the month of February . IMK, as the name implies, is an opportunity for bloggers to give readers a peek into what's going on in their kitchens. 


  1. There is so much to love about this post. It made me hungry. I haven’t seen the gluten free oats to buy here. I’ll check on-line.

  2. I need to get a lemon squeezer too! Love those oat cookies :-)

  3. Sometimes we just crave pizza too. I love my lemon squeezer, and your painted ceramic herbal tea container is the perfect vessel for herbal teas. Thankyou for a peek at your kitchen.

  4. Thanks for another peek into your Florida kitchen! I love your retro-colored citrus squeezer from Homegoods; how great is that store? Also, I use Simply Organics spices too. :)

  5. will try out those oat cookies. I haven't yet found gluten free pizza, I just crave it, specially on days when hubby has one (as today) :-).

  6. Seeing your lemon/lime squeezer reminds me! I need to get a new one.

    All the best Jan

  7. I have 3 of those citrus squeezers! one for oranges, one for lemons and one for limes. they are so cute and work well - except for oranges which are usually too big! I love ceramics too and have way too many in my kitchen. Funny to see the same simply organic herb bottles in your kitchen as we have them too in australia. Thanks for joining IMK this month. Cheers sherry

  8. Limes always seem the most challenging to extract juice from. I use a wooden reamer, unless I'm doing a huge amount of juice. For that I have a very simple electric one. Have a good remainder of February!

    best... mae at


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