Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Heart Healthy Valentine's Day-

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Have aValentine's Day is full of hearts, health, and happiness!

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Learn Something New 

Are you familiar with Dr. Esselstyn? He is a well known surgeon who wrote the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Here is one of his many Youtube Videos. Its so interesting and worth the 16 minute watch. Great tips to help prevent or reverse heart disease.

For more information about healthier eating 
visit these very helpful websites.  

Forks Over Knives Website - a great site for beginning to eat more plant based foods. Lots of articles written by doctors and lots of great plant-based recipes. 

Nutrition Facts - a great website by Dr. Michael Gregor with quick helpful facts about plant-based health. Author of How Not to Die

(Dr. Neal Barnard-President) - author of Reversing Diabetes. 

Food for Thought: If you keep eating the standard American diet composed of processed foods, dairy, meat, chicken, eggs, etc., most likely you will also experience the standard American diseases of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, etc.

My Favorite Heart Healthy Immune Boosting Soup



  1. Thanks for all of these links. I like to check and see if there are ways I can improve. I just ate oatmeal with some Florida grown strawberries on top! Yummy! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Happy and healthy valentines day to you too!
    Healthy eating is something that we all must consider.

  3. Thanks for sharing those useful links, sure to check them out....

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  5. Oh, this fruit-filled heart is just gorgeous! It's like Valentine's Day and a tropical vacation all rolled into one. What a lovely incentive for healthy heart eating! :)

  6. I'm a little late, but Happy Valentine's Day! I didn't do anything special, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  7. It's really good to have a healthy diet during this time! Facebook Video


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