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Toasted Tofu Croutons

Have you tried tofu? This is a simple quick air-fryer recipe for tofu that's crispy and tasty. (You could also make it in the oven).

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Tofu can be eaten in a variety of ways. Most recently, I've been obsessed with making tofu croutons in the air-fryer.

Crispy tofu cubes
These are really overly done (maybe too well done)

It's a simple recipe. I simply cut the tofu into little cubes and then place the cubes on a parchment covered rack in the air-fryer at 390 degrees for 15 minutes. (My air-fryer is a Ninja . It is rectangular and looks like a large toaster oven and many features)

Where to buy tofu? 
Tofu is available in the refrigerator section of most food markets (usually in the produce section).  It comes in a package and can be purchased as soft, firm, or extra firm. I buy extra firm for this recipe. I always look for an organic brand.

How to store tofu? 
Once you get the tofu home, you will need to keep the package in the refrigerator. When you are ready to use it, simply remove the block of tofu from the packaging and hold the block of tofu over the sink to allow some of the extra liquid to drip off before cutting into cubes. 

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How is tofu made? 
Tofu is made from soy milk that is pressed into the shape of block. If you are concerned about GMO's in Soy (and you should be), make sure to purchase organic tofu which is very readily available in almost all markets.

After I cut the tofu into cubes, I place the cubes on a parchment covered rack that is provided by my air-fryer. (If you are using an oven, use a parchment covered cookie sheet). 

Gluten-free and Vegan

crispy tofu and salad

When I air-fry the cubes, I will add them to a salad or just eat them off the plate. You'll enjoy them either way. 

1 package of firm or extra firm tofu (around 16 ounces)
Garlic powder, 
Sea salt
Optional: any seasoning of your choice- cumin, chili powder, etc. 

Remove the block of tofu from the packaging. Hold it over the sink for a minute to let excess liquid drip off and then pat dry. Place the block of tofu on a cutting board and cut into small cubes. Toss with seasoning and place on a parchment covered cookie sheet for the oven or on a parchment covered baking sheet that comes with the air-fryer. 
To air fryer: Air-fry at 390 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. (check occasionally to prevent burning).
To bake in oven: Pre-heat oven 450 degrees and bake for 15-25 minutes (time depends on how crispy you want them -check to prevent burning). 
*** I like the end result dry and crispy!!

I served these croutons over yellow rice and tomatoes. Dusted the rice, tomatoes and baked croutons with za'atar before serving...

tofu over tomatoes and yellow rice

Would you like information and or recipes on healthy plant-based eating? Visit this link for Forks Over Knives website for articles and interesting recipes. 


  1. Tofu these days tastes different from what I had at a kid..though I grew up eating tofu daily, now I don't eat them any more. It's a great idea though to use them as the croutons instead of bread.

  2. Tofu as croutons is a great idea! Love it!

  3. I prepare tofu in a similar way (although leave off the seasonings and bake it a little less time so it's not quite as crunchy) and have it for lunch most days.

  4. Confession time - I do NOT like tofu! Hugs, Valerie

  5. I will pass this recipe on to the people I know who have air fryers and eat tofu.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime https://tandysinclair.com

  6. I like tofu but only when it's super crisp - hate soggy mushy stuff! :) I've air-fried tofu myself, and I can confirm it's the best and easiest way to achieve the ultra crispy exterior.

  7. I must confess that I've never tried tofu. It does sound like it would be good crispy, though! ⬜⬜⬜

  8. This look great, I am a huge fan of getting creative with tofu. Thanks!


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