Wednesday, February 1, 2023

In My Kitchen - February

Let's take a peek into what's going on IN MY KITCHEN  at the beginning of February. 

polenta roll from Trader Joe

I purchase this organic cooked polenta roll at Trader Joe's. I usually slice it and cook it in marinara sauce. It gets soft and delicious. 

wide mouth thermos

wide mouth thermos

 I love this thermos. I am able to put an entire meal in here when I am out for the day (shopping, beach, site seeing)  and don't want to eat out. I put rice, beans, and vegetable in here for a full healthy meal. 

Hannah hummus large container

My favorite Hummus ( don't know why they spell it Hommus) . I purchase it at Costco (but I believe it is sold in a smaller size in the markets). It's entirely organic and tastes great!

cocoa crisp cereal organic

This is the first time I tried this cereal. It taste good, not too sweet. I bought it at the regular supermarket.

homemade jar of tofu mayonnaise

I made my own plant-based (tofu) mayonnaise in minutes in my blender. I was extremely pleased with the taste and much lower fat content than regular mayonnaise. I made a small jar that lasts a little over a week. Tofu Mayonnaise recipe link.

vegetable juicer

I bought this juicer at Aldi's during the holidays. It was quite reasonable ($39.99) so I was surprised how well it works and has a wide mouth for larger vegetables or fruit.  

I had been needing a new juicer (to replace the Braun that I had for 30 years and loved- but they no longer make the Braun compatible for US use). I  tried some of the more expensive brands and just couldn't find anything I liked. I need a small one to accommodate the smaller space in my condo winter kitchen.

I'm sharing this post and joining Sherry and other bloggers on IMK ( In My Kitchen)  IN MY KITCHEN 


  1. Looks like a good month in your kitchen!

    best... mae at

  2. I have also tried that same Polenta and it is very good. That looks like a great juicer and an even better price. I enjoyed your IMK post!!

  3. you have such interesting things here Judee. I've been meaning to get a thermos for ages. Love the sound of the mayo too, and that organic polenta looks the bomb. How handy would that be, to whip up a quick meal? I often buy hommus with a caramelised onion topping - so tasty. thanks for being part of IMK this month, and have a great February. cheers, sherry

  4. That’s an impressive juicer. Very 21st century!

  5. I love polenta! is great in winter....enjoy your juicer!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  6. Mmmm.... polenta makes a perfect start to just about anything, and a great start to this post! Looks like you've enjoyed plenty of good food this last month.

  7. I have the most amazing juicer that does not get used often enough! That thermos looks great.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  8. I love polenta!
    Your juicer looks amazing.

  9. Do you use that polenta as a 'soft' polenta? I've only sliced it and then fried it for a crisp crust. I never thought of using it right out of the package. Great idea.

  10. The juicer looks great! It's one utensil we don't have yet!

  11. Hmmm. My juicer is nearing the 30 year mark as well. Love all your food ideas. The thermos is a great idea for lunches. Thanks for that!

  12. Thanks for sharing these items.

    All the best Jan

  13. Judee I really enjoyed your interesting post. I wish we had Aldi where I live, I've heard of people finding such interesting appliances at a great price.The tofu mayo looks delicious and healthy , I'll check that one out,I like to make my own mayo.The organic polenta looks amazing, I'll try and find a similar product. Thanks for sharing everything. Best, Pauline


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