Wednesday, August 3, 2022


What's IN MY KITCHEN this month? 

open stocked refrigerator

French door GE refrigerator

I've got lots of new things in my kitchen this month, but after 3 weeks without a refrigerator, my new refrigerator is first on my list this month!

First and foremost after 3 weeks without a refrigerator, our new French door  GE refrigerator was finally delivered. 
Our compressor died in our 10 year old LG and it was difficult to get a new refrigerator delivered right away. Yes, it took 3 weeks due to manufacturer hold-ups. I filled it up with food yesterday! Yay! 
They now say refrigerators should last only about 8 years- !!!

William Sonoma dish towel

Next I want to share these wonderful dish towels that I purchased at William Sonoma after the recommendation of my friend Noreen (when we visited her in Cape Cod last week). The dish towels are LARGE, absorbent, and sturdy. 

The best part is that they have a loop for hanging. Noreen has magnetic hooks (I just ordered them from Amazon) that attach to the magnetic side of the refrigerator. It works great to dry your hands before opening the fridge door. I'll move it to the side when my magnets arrive. I hooked it on the GE logo in the front in the meantime. They were a set of four dishtowels and are available in other colors too. 

hook on dishtowel

Next I want to share a product that I found in the freezer case of the supermarket. It is a plant-based faux chicken product that can be substituted in recipes that call for chicken. Great for vegetarians! It's low in fat (2 grams/serving), made from soy, and spices. It does contain some dextrose but for the most part the ingredients are decent. 

Would I make it a staple part of my diet? No! but it's nice for an occasional treat in a stir-fry or a quick grab and go if I'm in a hurry. It's a source of protein. For locals, I purchased it at McCafreys in the plant based freezer section near Beyond Meat. 

Daring lemon chicken plant based

Next IN MY KITCHEN are some baby cherry tomatoes that I'm growing in pots on my deck.
 I've had red and orange and they are sweet and tender. Enjoying them. 

cherry tomatoes

I'm also growing mint, thyme, sage, oregano, stevia, and basil in pots on my deck. I'm air drying some of them for future use. I'm using the open screen rack in my air-fryer oven. 

herbs on screen drying

Finally, I'm sharing a pair of salt and pepper shakers that I bought a long time ago on a trip to Holland. I've had these displayed in my kitchen for years, but I've never shared them before. 

windmill salt and pepper shakers

My Covid snack bowl. 
I keep a bowl of individualized snacks in a large bowl for my Mah jong group, grandkids, canasta friends, or when friends come over (very infrequently). 

bowl of individually wrapped snacks

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  1. Congrats on the new refrigerator! That's a beauty. And those salt and pepper shakers look like so much fun. :-)

  2. That new refrigerator looks really cool!!

  3. Yay for the fridge! Three weeks is a long time without one!

  4. Congratulations on the new fridge!....It is beautiful!!....I'm also drying herbs for winter....your shakers are lovely!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  5. Enjoy stocking your new fridge. And your windmills are lovely. I might ask for some as a gift.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  6. Congrats on your new fridge...I am hanging on to mine for as long as I can because I know new appliances don't last as long as they used to, but 8 years is ridiculous! Yikes! The towels sound wonderful, nothing better than good dish towels!

  7. Thank you for sharing what's in your kitchen.
    Your new refrigerator looks very good.

    All the best Jan

  8. That's "cool" that you finally got your new fridge! They just don't make things the way they used to, do they? I absolutely love your windmill salt and pepper shakers -- especially that they came from Holland. So cute! 💙

  9. 3 weeks is a long time to wait for a refrigerator. Glad it has finally arrived.
    All of my herbs have gone crazy and I'm making pesto and dehydrating almost every day.
    Thanks for sharing what's in your kitchen.

  10. so good to have a fridge again ! ours died a few years ago, which we hadn't realised so we were sucking in the gas for a very long time!! love your shakers. i have a fondness for Dutch things as my former BIL was dutch. How nice to grow your own produce. I used to before the possums ... and thanks for being part of IMK. cheers sherry

  11. Your tomatoes are soooooo adorable! That salt & pepper shaker set would bring me a smile everyday of the week :)


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