Saturday, May 16, 2020

Peek at My Week 2

Things are status quo here in South Florida. As of this weekend, our beaches are still closed, and most stores are closed. I have noticed some restaurants with outside seating beginning to opening up!

Sunset from our balcony on the 15th floor -
Ocean to the left;
Intracoastal to the right

I just heard that our mall and stores like Tj Maxx, Homegoods, etc are opening on Monday~but for some reason, not our beaches- Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to really enforce wearing masks or social distancing. I will still be staying at home!

This week I'm sharing a book review, a Netflix review, an exceptional salad and a vegan/gluten free soup recipe plus photos of my walks.

I went to the Dollar Store the other day for a few items. Despite a HUGE sign on the entrance door saying that masks in the store were mandatory, there was a woman online without a mask. I told the manager that I wasn't comfortable, and the manager responded that she would talk to her. The woman didn't give a "----" (crap) and ignored the manager! Then the manager shared with me that the week before they were insisting people without masks leave the store and a customer pulled a knife on them. She said their policy now is simply to request very nicely since they don't want to risk their lives. Understood! 
So much for being able to shop and take precautions!

What I'm Watching: 
The Stranger -It was just one season on Netflix, but it was fast-moving and held our interest. It starred Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders, I would call it a psychological thriller. It took us to the very end before we could put all the pieces together! Good exciting watch.

I also watched the first series of Hollywood!
It was kind of a spoofy story that had an excellent message about the sacrifices, humiliation, and injustices that people of color, women, and those that are gay endure to make it in Hollywood. It was a story with a fairytale ending of making dreams come true! I enjoyed it!

What I'm Reading: After The War Is Over 

It's a quick read about a young selfless woman who has devoted her life to serving others. First at her job as a military nurse during WWI, and then after the war working for a woman politician to help veterans and widows. The story exposes us to the coldness and prejudice of the upper society in Britain, and the challenges, poverty, and often grief that those of the lower-income must endure. When Charlotte, the main character, is invited to speak on the radio to represent those who cannot speak out, she finds herself challenged to face her own fears and embrace the courage to fight for others!

This exciting book is the sequel to Somewhere in France, by bestselling author, Jennifer Robson. I enjoyed and recommend both books. The author develops rich characters that draw you in and keep you engaged.

What I'm Cooking: 

It's been very humid and in the upper 80's every day in South Florida, so we have been eating salads! This beautiful salad is always a favorite of ours:  

I call it -Incredible Salad Recipe
 Incredible Salad 


                           I make this Red Pepper soup in the blender
                                        in 5 minutes using a jar of roasted red peppers

What I see When I'm Walking:

This walk runs parallel to the beach 

Many feral, but beautiful cats on the path
I think these are sea grapes. They are all along the beach walk
right now.  Are they edible?

What I'm Pissed about: I already covered that in my intro

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week!

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  1. We just finished watching Hollywood :-) It's very entertaining! Love that quick, healthy and tasty red pepper soup. I have never seen those sea grapes...

  2. Over here, though restaurants are allowed to open for takeaway, only some opens for business. Lately more restaurants are open but dine-in is restricted with social distancing. Public parks are off limit.

  3. Oh my goodness. I can't imagine someone bringing out a knife when asked to put on a mask. That is almost beyond my comprehension. It's not as if they are desperate for food or supplies. And these people are at a dollar store? Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the bad side of It's a Wonderful Life.

    I guess the police are imagining people at the beach, drinking, getting together in large groups, refusing to wear masks, with weapons. It isn't something I'd like to deal with. But, oh, how I miss the beach.

    Your Incredible Salad and Red Pepper Soup look fantastic. One good part about the pandemic: we are eating more vegetables and fruits. Thank goodness for our garden.

    I need to look for both Somewhere in France and After the War is Over. I missed both of these.

    I hope you will have a good week.

  4. Masks aren’t compulsory here but social distancing is still enforced in stores, and some have security guards to ensure patrons don’t get physical. Our local beaches have reopened but as it’s moving into winter, crowding really isn’t an issue. With your country moving into summer I’m guessing crowds on the beach are a concern.

    After The War is Over sounds good, though I’m getting a little burned out on WWII fiction.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  5. I saw a trailer for Hollywood on Netflix. That's on my list to watch soon. It looks really good. I hope you have a great week and stay safe!

  6. Hi, dropping by from Sunday Salon. I haven't "met" you before. I enjoyed your post. I, too, am very frustrated by people not wearing masks. Unfortunately our president is not setting a good example and some people are saying that wearing a mask has become a red-blue issue. Ugh. Hope you drop by and read my blog, too. Thanks in advance! Have a good week. My Sunday Salon and Coronavirus Diary

  7. incredible how someone would be so thoughtless regarding a mask. Thoughtless isn’t the right word though.

  8. Wow I can't believe how selfish some people are. And stupid. We continue to have most things delivered. We are definitely staying home. It was in the upper 80s here and I had the most delicious lettuce in the garden so I had salads too. The next 5 days are supposed to be all rain.

    Have a great week and stay well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  9. I enjoyed "peeking" into your week. We're slowing reopening here in PA. Thanks for stopping by Colletta's Kitchen Sink :)


  10. I don't really understand why so many people are resistant to common sense restrictions- i mean, the little bit of sacrifice we're being asked to do for others' welfare just seems like so doable? Why the fuss? But I guess there are all kinds and some of these people don't get it *sigh*

    The soup looks delicious!

    Love that picture- so beautiful! And aww pretty cat.

  11. I don't understand why people are willing to risk their health and safety (and lives) as well as those of strangers. Grrrr. PA is starting to open up, but we're not planning on going anywhere or having anyone over for at least another month.

    1. We should be leaving Florida and driving home to Pa - the first week in June.. Stay well- I'm with you Beth..

  12. We're starting to open up as well. I went to Target on Sunday and couldn't believe the amount of people walking around without a face covering. Or, covering only their mouth and not their nose.

    My anniversary is tomorrow. Hubby asked if I'd like to try going out to dinner to celebrate. Uh, no. I'm not ready for that, especially after seeing how stupid the public was being at the store yesterday.

  13. That sunset photo is absolutely breathtaking. It's hard to top a sunset over the water!

  14. thank you for sharing the videos...interesting.
    yes, we should stay at home little longer....

    Have a wonderful day

  15. Love your red pepper soup and salad! Also, thanks for sharing what you have been watching and reading these days...
    we pray that this country will open up soon and adjust to the knew way of living until we can get a vaccine in place... and I feel confident, we will prevail!

  16. Gosh, Judee,
    I agree with everything that you said about the opening up of stores, disrespectful people, and more! It is so damn frustrating that there are so many ignorant people who could be hurting other people. Like you, I remain home! I do love the photos that you included; I'm such an armchair traveler now! I have been binging on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and think that my butt is 2 feet wider from sitting in front of the tube so much!
    Stay safe, and stay pissed at all of the bad and smile at the good,


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