Friday, May 15, 2020

Pop Popcorn Right In Your Serving Bowl

Popping popcorn in the microwave right in the serving bowl?  It works great! 

It seems we are always looking for snacks while we are stuck in the house. 

I actually added 1/4 cup of uncooked popcorn kernels (no oil) to a large microwave-safe Pyrex glass salad bowl. I covered the bowl with a microwave-safe diner plate, and set it in the microwave.  Four and half minutes later, the kernels popped and they were perfect!

I used to make my microwave popcorn in a paper lunch bag,  but I always forget to buy the bags. This is better because, I always have a bowl in my kitchen.

So Why Don't I Just Buy Microwaveable Bags of Popcorn?

I stopped buying microwavable popcorn packages a few years ago for 3 reasons.

1. First of all, those little bags are expensive compared to buying your own popping kernels, but more importantly
2. Commercially prepared bags contain chemicals that are harmful to your lungs when breathed in after heating (you can read a detailed article about it here: )
3. In addition, most corn (unless organic) is genetically modified unless otherwise stated, which then will say will say, " Non-GMO!

No worries!!! Making your own popcorn is more economical, just as easy, less fattening, and chemical-free!! 

I use a microwave-safe large glass bowl, a microwave-safe lid, my popping kernels, and some seasoning. That's it.

I find a one-pound bag of organic corn kernels at Trader Joe's for $1.99 for a one-pound bag!!

The Downside 
Of course I realize that microwaving is not the healthiest way to cook l, but I only do once in a while. Usually, I just put oil in a pot and pop my kernels the old fashioned way! But this is really convenient and less messy!

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  1. Easy, less fattening, and chemical-free...sounds very promising!

  2. That is super easy! And only having one bowl to wash is a big plus too!

  3. We don't own a ding, ding, machine. That's what we call microwaves in our house. Popcorn is fun. I wouldn't mind a good air popper. Happy Weekend.

  4. Great tips. We love popcorn, but I still use an electric popper with olive oil as my oil. We don't use the microwave much either, but sometimes (vacation rental, for example) knowing how to make "real" popcorn in the microwave will come in handy.

  5. That is a great idea! Thank you!

  6. Great idea. You'll laugh but we use the microwave to heat the dogs dinner (canned food) 98% of the time and not for cooking.

  7. Interesting idea! I can't stand regular microwave popcorn because the fake butter on it is gross. I just make it on the stove. But I'll try this!

  8. This is such an easy method and one which I will try in order to encourage my husband to stop using the microwavable popcorn bags. I find those pretty nasty, but I don't eat a lot of popcorn, so it's easy to skip that snack.

  9. That's great! Popcorn is my go-to snack and I used to make it with oil, but now I more often do the paper bag in the microwave method. But I always put too much popcorn in and it bursts the flimsy bags before it's done popping and then I have a mess in the microwave to deal with! I'm definitely going to try the bowl and plate method!


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