Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Yard Sales are Relaxing and Therapeutic

I like to shop at yard and garage sales. I find it therapeutic and so relaxing. Why?

beautiful yard

Yard and garage sales take me into close-by neighborhoods where the flowers, shrubs, trees, and landscaping are in full bloom. Everything is colorful, prolific, and so fragrant. It's simply beautiful to just take the time to ride through the neighborhoods and take in the beauty as a locate my destination.
Look at all my finds.

statue of two children on a bench

Believe it or not garage sales take us back to the days when neighbors actually interacted- I look around for a bargain, chit chat a little,  and relax. No one seems to be in a hurry- the sellers are outside for the entire morning, the buyers are browsing and everyone is socializing. The sellers get rid of unwanted stuff and the buyers get a real bargain.

People are so friendly

Usually our interaction goes like this-

As soon as I walk in the driveway- the sellers give me a big "good morning"!

Next, as I look around  and notice thatwhoever is there is talking and sharing -

"oh where do you live"? -" "oh do you know so and so?"- "my daughter's coach lives there", -

" my mother had a vase just like this one"

"this is so cute my grandkids would love it"-

"How much?"- "oh just take it for $5" - "Really? " the entire Barbie Doll House"

"Yes, my daughter enjoyed it for years and I just want to get rid of it"- it's in perfect condition.

"I'll take it..and my grand kids will love it!!" What a deal for $5

Of course if I weren't going to garage sales, I would never just ride around looking at all the beauty- so my bargain hunting has a bright side to it too...I was happy with my finds this week.

herbs in clay pots
all three stands for $2

I Found Plant Stands and Planters for My Herbs
 It's a real money saver when I need something for the garden ( tools, planters, outdoor furniture) .  I find that people like to get rid of things that are in great shape, very reusable, and a reasonable price. This past week was no exception. 

I was looking for a bench, table or some kind of  plant stand to hold my pots of  herbs that I planted on my deck last week. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for , but I did find a good enough solution.

mint in a clay potlemon balm in a planter

Plant stands $2 for all three- Clay planter $2  Ceramic Mexican planter $2  Total: $6

I found someone selling 3 small metal plant stands that were perfect for some of my plants. The seller wanted $2 for all three- It was so reasonable, I didn't even try to bargain.

herbs in clay pots

They were all in great condition. If I bought them new, they would be about $10-$12 each.
I felt very satisfied with my $6 purchase, brought them home, set them up and me and my plants and me are very happy.

There is something satisfying about getting a deal and value for your money!

I look forward to enjoying some time browsing, getting a bargain, and enjoying nature. Sometimes I even get some ideas for landscaping by seeing what others have done!

wild flowes

YGup- I find yard sales enjoyable, therapeutic, and relaxing!! Of course I live in the suburbs and I visit beautiful neighborhoods!


  1. Nice neighbourhood :-) I love those planters!

    1. Yes and so beautiful in spring when everything is blooming

  2. This post enlightened me. Until reading it, I had never understood fully the reasons people go to these things. I just thought their fans were simply yet another breed of mindless shopaholics, albeit more frugal and (this one is truly admirable) recycling ones.

    That said, I was unclear whether the cement-esque LOVE JOY PEACE Toddler Couple garden “sculpture “ was one of your purchases or just something you saw en route. If the former, let’s consider having us a little chat.

    Just messin’ with you, Judee! I am well-aware that “It is taste that makes ballgames” (I’ve never quite understood that adage) and that I am not only a minimalist, but a curmudgeonly one. Enjoy everything in good health. I actually think those planters are beautiful not to mention useful. Nice score.

    1. NO, I didn't buy the couple sculpture- just admired it-
      I truly enjoy the beauty, interaction, and bargains that I find at yard sales!!
      It is like a meditation for me with a purpose to find some reusables that I need and at the same time spare the garbage dump of just collecting more junk and pollution.

  3. Ignore me. I’m just jealous I can’t go out in heat or sun. But on a different subject:
    Do you or your readers have any vegan recipes using preserved lemons? I finally rediscovered and forced open a THREE year old jar of them I put by in 2015.! They were fresh and fragrant and incredibly mellow. I made a sublime chicken dish tonight with but a slender strip of the lemon, which elevated roasted drumsticks and root vegetables and beet greens into Nirvana. But I very much want to employ this sublime fruit in a grain or veg or whatever dish that will serve both my vegetarian daughter in law and my meat eating but dairy-spurning daughter. There is no rush; I would like to start prepping food for a family get together at the end of June.

    1. I found a vegan Middle Eastern recipe for you - similar to what my mother in law makes. https://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/10/moroccan-eggplant-salad-with-preserved.html

  4. I too am a yard/garage sale lover. The thought of going to them during the winter keeps me going, lol. I love the planters. Nothing better than a cute bargain!

    1. Yes, you really can find bargains and that really intrigues me.. yard sales are so much fun

  5. Judee, I can’t believe you found this so quickly for me. It is perfect. Not to mention I can make it the day ahead! I’ll let you know how it turns out since I am going to do a trial run on it in the next few days. Both my daughters will be grateful.

  6. I have to confess that I am not a big fan of hosting or attending yard sales but after reading your perspective I can see why my parents and others have enjoyed them so. :-)


    1. I do enjoy attending but I totally dislike hosting. I did it once and it was too much work for too little money and then I had half of the stuff left over and had to put it all away.. Now, I don't collect anything to sell at a garage sale. As soon as I don't want something, I take it to the good will box and good riddance- but I still like going to someone else's garage sale

  7. Hi Judee,
    This is a very "relaxing" post with great ideas! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  8. I love garage sales too! Thanks so much for sharing at our To Grandma's House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link party! Pinned. Hope to see you next week!

  9. You spent an entire $6 for all those?! I think you spent too much, lol. Obviously I need to go to more yard sales, cos I do love bargains. You did well! Thanks for linking up to Fiesta Friday!


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