Sunday, May 6, 2018

How to Store Fresh Basil - doesn't turn dark!

Have you ever bought fresh basil only to have it turn dark after a day or two? 

I love to keep fresh basil in the refrigerator, but I am so disappointed when it doesn't last that long. 

I just learned a way to make it last. In fact, the friend who shared this tip with me says her basil and other fresh herbs last and stay fresh for weeks in the refrigerator with this method. 

I decided to give it a try. I followed her simple instructions, and I'm glad to say that her method works!!

 The basil didn't stay fresh for weeks for me, but it stayed beautiful for a week, so I was happy. After a week, I'm not sure that I covered it up as well after using it and forgot to change the water which may have contributed to the aging. 

I used this method for fresh mint, and I can honestly say that after 10 days, the mint looked as fresh as the day I picked it..

How to store fresh basil and other herbs so they don't turn dark

1.  The basil needs to still be left on the stem
2.  Wash and dry the basil 
3.  Fill a cup or jar with 1/4 cup of water
4.  Place the basil stems into the water
5.  Cover  completely with plastic wrap
6.  Store in the refrigerator 
7.  After 3-4 days cut the end of the stem a little to freshen it and change the water

It really works- my basil is a week old and still looks great. 
I love to use fresh herbs in many of my recipes and I like to use it for decoration as well. 

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  1. Cool! I must try it too as I adore fresh herbs. Thanks, Judee!

    1. Angie,
      It really works, just have to remember to change the water and cover well

  2. Interesting but not really surprising if I think about it. I used to create a terrarium effect for plants like this in the past and the thrived. Thanks, Judee! I'll definitely try it soon.


    1. Yes, that makes sense. It seemed to work for any herb.

  3. Replies
    1. I agree that it is good to know- simple tips stretch the life of veggies

  4. We grow lots of Basil in our Herb Garden and it is so good to have this information. You always bring us the best tips and wonderful recipes! So glad you could join us on Full Plate Thursday and thanks so much for sharing with us. Hope you have a great week and a very Happy Mothers Day!
    Miz Helen

    1. Thank you Miz Helen,
      I like to share any tips that I find that are working for me..

  5. Hi Judee, this is good to know. My fresh basil lasts all summer in the garden, but my winters are basilless.

    Thank you for linking upwith #keepingitreal


    1. Well- it will stretch the life of cut basil if you can find it in the winter

  6. Replies
    1. Deb,
      I am glad to share any tips that are working for me and I like to learn from others too

  7. Interesting! We may have to try this out this year with ours. Thanks for sharing on the This is How We Roll link up!

  8. Thanks for this great tip! I love picking basil from my garden in the summer and am happy to know how to keep it fresh longer. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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