Wednesday, December 21, 2022


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Chanukah/Hanukkah began on Sunday evening and will last for 8 days! Each night we light the Chanukah candles on a special candelabras called a "Chanukiah" or a "Menorah" to commemorate the miracle that took place many years ago in the temple.  

As we light each candle each night, we are reminded to bring light, peace, and love into our homes, hearts, and into the world. 

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What am I cooking? : 
I customarily make potato latkes for the holiday. 
I bought a few jars of organic applesauce at Trader Joe's which we usually use for a topping, but I have not attempted to make the latkes yet since I want them to be oil-free, egg-free and totally vegan. I wasn't sure how to attempt it. So, 

I looked online and found a recipe on a blog called Plants Rule but haven't tried it yet. I'll update when I try make them. 
Meanwhile, he is a link to the recipe : Latkes (oil-free and vegan)

What are we doing for the holiday? 
Since we are snowbirds in Florida, we are not near family. Friday night we are having a pot luck dinner with our Florida friends to celebrate the holiday together. 

There are 6 couples. Each couple will bring his/her Chanukiah and we will all light the candles and sing the prayers together. It should be quite a site with 6 Chanukiah's burning bright. 

Potato Pancakes, Reibekuchen, Potato

Do you remember the singing group, Peter, Paul, and Mary? 
They wrote a song called, "Don't Let The Light Go Out" that is a beautiful Hanukkah song about freedom! It is very inspiring! I found it on Youtube. 

Wishing those who celebrate Chanukah a happy holiday! 

The miracle of Chanukah is that the oil that was needed to light the temple was only enough to last for 1 day and it lasted for a full 8 days keeping the temple well lit! It is a custom to make fried foods using oil on this holiday. 

Since I try not to use oil, I want my latkes to be untraditionally oil-free....

Hanukkah/Chanukah is a Hebrew with a multiple English spellings.. I use them all !!

I don't know why but my blog is not showing up in the feeds again. I wrote to blogger and hope they can fix it again! 


  1. Beautiful post - Happy Chanukah! I'll have my latkes with apple sauce please and no sour cream. Wishing us all a world of love and peace.

  2. Happy Hanukkah Judee, the friends potluck celebration sounds wonderful!

  3. I fractured my back so am taking TLC of myself. Making sure not to cook, clean, or entertain. Very different Hanukkah for me this year. Looking forward to hearing how you make latkes without oil. Best wishes for a joyous Hanukkah and Healthy New Year.

  4. Happy Hanukkah!!....all the blessings and the light for you and your family!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  5. Your celebrations sounds wonderful! Happy Hanukkah!

  6. Happy Hanukkah, Judy! p.s I haven't got any of your updates last week, then today I got 4 of them at once.

  7. It sounds like you had a very happy Hanukkah with your Florida friends! It's so cool that you found that Peter, Paul, and Mary song to help you celebrate. 💙

  8. I hope your Hanukkah was beautiful and full of light. I'd love a bite of those latkes! I've hardly touched the computer in over a week so Merry Winter Holidays and In-Between Week to you!


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