Thursday, December 22, 2022

Air-Fryer Latkes for Hanukkah

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Potato Latkes -the traditional fried Chanukah indulgence has met it's match.  I don't eat fried food, but I still wanted latkes on Chanukah! 

If you read my previous blog post yesterday (link), you may remember that I searched the Internet for a oil-free vegan latke. I thought it was impossible to make a good vegan latke (oil-free) but they actually came out quite good! 

Potatoes, Root, Vegetables

I baked them in the air-fryer which probably makes them somewhat crispier than making them in the regular oven, but not sure. 

These untraditional potato latkes tasted great with some organic applesauce that I picked up at Trader Joe's. (Yes, Laura- good one)

They were crispy, tasty, and very easy to make. 

I followed the recipe for Latkes on a blog called Plants Rule- but I took a major shortcut. 

My Grated Potato Shortcut
Instead of grating the potatoes, I bought a bag of grated hash brown potatoes that have nothing in them but grated potatoes. 

I simply allowed the grated potatoes to thaw and then followed the recipe. That was my shortcut, but you could grate your own potatoes if you prefer.

Also, I baked the latkes in my air-fryer until one side became crispy, and then I turned them over and baked them until the other side looked crispy. 

Apple Sauce, Chunky, Applesauce, Bowl

We enjoyed them topped with applesauce

potato pancakes, latkes,

I'm thinking about trying the latke recipe again with a mix of grated carrot, broccoli slaw, and potato. I'll let you know.

I'm letting you know:
This is an update using grated potatoes and grated broccoli and carrot slaw! 

Grated Potato, broccoli slaw, Carrot

Update: I tried making these latkes with a mixture of grated potato and broccoli slaw (which contained some grated carrot). It came out good but was slightly more difficult to handle than the mixture with strictly grated potato. I ended up adding a 1/4 cup of water to the vegetable and potato mixture to help it adhere better. 

I did prefer the all potato latkes. 

Vegetables, Cartoon, Root Vegetables


  1. Latkes are a favourite of my parents in law while my husband can't stand potatoes, except fries. These look so crispy and wonderful!

  2. These sound really good! Thanks for sharing and for your continued support of Weekend Cooking!

  3. These airfryer latkes look amazing. I recently bought an airfryer and would love to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing, visiting from Magical Ingredients blog.

  4. This made me smile: "Potato Latkes -the traditional fried Chanukah indulgence has met it's match. I don't eat fried food, but I still wanted latkes on Chanukah!" And the veggie cartoon is so cute and funny! Finally, your oil-free latkes look amazing, especially on your festive platter. 💙


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