Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sugar Snap Peas With Sesame Seeds and Ginger

Do you love sweet sugar snap peas? 
I usually enjoy them raw, but this time I decided to stir fry them and made a quick, simple, yet healthy side dish. 

It's all in the seasoning
Seasoned with fresh ginger, soy sauce (gluten-free) or Bragg's Amino Acids, this simple sugar snap pea vegetable side is perfect when you are in a hurry. 

Sold in markets in bags in the produce department or frozen
Most markets sell small bags of these peas already washed and ready to use. I like the organic ones from Whole Foods Markets the best- they seem to always be tender and not stringy.

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No need to do a-lot of chopping, fussing, and making an elaborate stir fry. 

How to Peel Fresh Ginger in Minutes

Love This Easy Hack For Peeling Ginger
Take the back of a spoon (not a knife, not a fork)  and lightly scrape the ginger..The skin will come off easily and the ginger will ready to use. Once peeled , it grates easily for any recipe. 

Freeze Fresh Ginger :
Leftover ginger? I wash, dry, and freeze fresh ginger (with the skin on) whole in baggies and just remove what I need -when I need it. I don't even peel it and I grate it while its frozen. (The small pieces of skin doesn't really interfere with my recipes).  This way I almost always have fresh ginger on hand to use in recipes.

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I simply opened the bag, washed the sugar snap peas, put them into bowl and added 1/4 cup of soy sauce (gluten-free), a teaspoon of grated ginger and tossed well before adding to a skillet to stir fry them. 

They came out tender, and then I topped them with sesame seeds.
I got the idea (but changed the recipe to suit my taste and dietary preferences) when I was visiting Eva Taylor at her blog Kitcheninspriations 

Lots of Nutrients: 
Think Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A when you eat these crispy tasty sugar snap peas. While the sesame seeds add a sprinkling of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Ginger offers anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants. 

This simple little side dish offers a powerful punch of nutrients.

I've been on an Asian recipe kick lately and really enjoyed this simple side dish with the Asian seasoning and sesame seeds. Tastes good over rice or quinoa too. 

If you are looking for something to warm you up, try my recipe for  (link) Asian Soup in 10 minutes . 

1 package of organic sugar snap peas
1/4 cup of gluten free soy sauce, Bragg's amino acids, or Tamari sauce
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
1 teaspoon of sesame seeds

Toss the sugar snap peas or snow peas in a bowl with ginger and gluten-free soy sauce or Braggs amino acids. Heat a stainless steel skillet and when its hot toss in the vegetable mixture. Stir, reduce the heat and stir fry for about 3-5 minutes until pea pods are tender. 
Place into a small bowl and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.
My Notes: 
**I find that the organic sugar snap peas at Whole Foods Market are usually not tough and don't have too many strings. If you buy a bag of sugar snap peas that have tough pods with a lot of string, de-string before cooking -especially if you are going to serve to children. For children use snow peas that are less stringy.

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2. Substitute snow peas (in photo above) which might work better for children because there are none or less strings.

3. Omit the ginger if you do not like it.


  1. My husband enjoys them in salads...they are so juicy and sweet. Your version with sesame seeds looks great!

  2. Hi Judee and good morning. I pinned this to my healthy snacking board at Pinterest. Makes a great side dish as well as a snack.

  3. Yum. Love these little beauties, and your recipe looks like a wonderful way to prepare them. Thanks!

  4. Hi Judee
    You have an interesting blog! I do like snap peas and always buy the big bag of them when I shop in Costco. Your hint on peeling ginger is genius--I will try that next time.
    Yes, I was born and lived in Brooklyn most of my life, but now enjoying retirement in Colorado. Brooklyn is a fun place to live--always something good to see and do there and wonderful variety of ethnic foods to enjoy.

  5. Looks so good. Love those sugar snaps!

  6. We enjoy sugar snap peas and mange-tout :)

    All the best Jan

  7. These look delicious! This post is one of my features for this week's WTJR! Thank you for sharing with us.


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