Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wellness Wednesday - Great Tips From Women's Magazines

I love reading the women's magazines- such as the ones stacked at the checkout counter at supermarkets. Headlines such as "Easiest Detox Ever",  "Drop 10 Pounds in 10 Days", "New Virus Fighter",  "Bye Bye Stress", and The Vitamin that turns flab into firm" surely attract my attention. 

I usually end up buying the magazine. Now I'm sharing some of the great ideas.

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I actually do find articles that make me aware of lots of good wellness information from medical doctors and nutritionists that I unfortunately tend to forget as soon as I read it. In addition, these magazines give lots of practical living and household tips. 
So, I end up keeping (storing) the magazine to re-read at a later time. 

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Although I hate to part with them, I do need to de-clutter and dispose of at least 20-25 magazine issues that I've been storing for a few years. I decided to go through each copy and look for the information that I want to remember and record the info in a post to share with my readers and a place for me to come back to online and find the information. 

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So far I've discarded three issues and I'm sharing some of what I found interesting, usable, and worth remembering. Use the suggestions at your own risk. I'm just sharing what I read.

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1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of vinegar

Before adding flowers to a vase, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the vase. They explain that sugar gives the plants nourishment while vinegar will eliminate any bacteria that forms while the plants sit in the water, thus prolonging the life of the flowers in the vase.

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2. Pretreat Stubborn Grass Stains 
6/15/20 P.76 First Magazine 

1/2 cup of sugar 
2 drops (or more) of water

Make a thick paste and apply to grass stains on clothing. Allow to sit 30 minutes and then wash as usual. 

Why it works? 
Sugar contains enzymes which help break down the chlorophyll which is the green pigment in the grass. 

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3 Things that Interfere with or Slow the Thyroid 
2/1/21 First Magazine p. 42

New clothing that is treated with chemicals for stain resistance may be problematic to the thyroid according to Dr. Cohen who is the co-author of the book , Non-Toxic and founder of the 

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The article says the chemicals that are often added to new clothing are called polyfluoroalkyl substances (PEAS) and can "disrupt the production of normal function of the thyroid hormones." 

Their Suggestion; 
Wash new clothing twice before wearing to help remove the chemicals and also add 1 tablespoon of Borax per gallon to the water for a maximum effect. 

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2. Receipts and Paper Money-chemicals get on your hands
Receipts contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) which is known to be thyroid blocking (also in plastic bottles that contain our bottled water). We get this chemical on our hands when we touch store receipts or even paper money. This chemical is pushed into the skin further and then into our bloodstream when we use hand sanitizer due to the chemicals in hand sanitizer. 

Suggestion from Magazine: Use soap and water, instead of hand sanitizer to clean hands after touching receipts or paper money.

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3. Cell phones :
Use low tech headphones to reduce absorption of EMF's that affect thyroid.

The EMF's from cell phones expose your thyroid the closer you keep the phone to your head. The article says the thyroid is supersensitive to radiation and according to Louise Gittleman (author) the absorption rate drops 15% for every milliliter the phone is away from the body. She suggests keeping a distance between your head and the phone: - 

The article's suggestion: Use low-tech air tube headset - the kind that plugs into the phone to help distance you from the radiation. Bluetooth does not distance you.

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Papaya Peel for age spots
First Magazine 6/15/20 P. 4 

Rub the flesh side of papaya peel over age spots. Allow it to absorb. According to the magazine, if you do it 3 times week for 30 days you will see a huge difference. They even say, " spot-free". 

Why? the skin contains an enzyme that increases cell turnover to reveal the underneath layers of skin under the discoloration.

Do you read these magazines? Do you find helpful tips? If you like the tips, let me know and I'll update every Wednesday with new posts as I go through and discard my treasured magazines.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not trying to give advice. The information on this blog is for educational purposes only. Always consult your medical doctor if you need medical advice. 


  1. I will have to try that trick for doubling the flower life..thanks for sharing those tips, Judee.

  2. You found some neat things to share. I always love reading hints and advice. And when I used to get the Oprah magazine there were a lot of inspiration quotes that I cut out!

  3. I love reading magazines and actually cut out the interesting articles and keep in a folder. So whenever I'm alone or have time to kill I read them again.

  4. By the way Interesting share. I need to try that papaya peel for age spot.

  5. I love the headlines on those magazines! Don't usually buy them -- we read almost everything online these days. Which definitely has its downsides. Anyway, brilliant idea to record all the tips in a post like this -- make finding them much easier. Good post -- thanks.

  6. I spend time in the check-out line reading the gossip headlines. They are always a laugh.

  7. Great tips! I can totally see trying the one about giving cut flowers longer life. They always die far too quickly.

    1. Yes, flowers are so pretty- it's great to have a way to prolong them in the vase.

  8. I love to watch magazine programs in tv. Especially their gossip parts are my favourite. Happy day.

  9. I have given up on magazines, it seems like they're so full of ads and trash, but I did enjoy reading these tips, especially the flower water one, I will definitely remember that one!

  10. I wonder if I will ever remember any of these. I always clothing items after buying them and before wearing them, but not for thyroid reasons. I might be tempted to read 'the Vitamin that turns flab into firm' but not take it if it means a new one to add to my pile :)

  11. I've stopped buying magazines because of all the adds. I will definitely give the flower suggestion a try.

  12. I already add the sugar to the vase water, but I didn't know about the vinegar. I am definitely going to have to try that!

  13. These are some brilliant tips, I especially like the one about how to pre treat grass stains!

  14. You certainly found some good things to share! Many thanks.

    All the best Jan

  15. Good tips, especially about the grass stains! I don't read these magazines, but I suppose I should.


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