Friday, May 14, 2021

A Peek At My Week

I just finished reading a non-fiction science based book by Dr. Jon McDougall called The Starch Solution which extols the benefits of eating starchy vegetables such sweet potatoes and white potatoes and starchy whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, etc. 

I also read  How Not to Die  by Dr. Greger who has a free website at with a wealth of information and a video library about healthy eating for heart health and weight loss and health in general. He has videos on Youtube and he also has a book called, How Not to Diet. I like his nutrition suggestions on his video , The Daily Dozen.

Both diets promote a whole food plant-based diet and suggest ways to help normalize weight, promote excellent health, and even reverse disease.  

I adhere to the suggestions from both of these doctors and lots of other docs I didn't mention but to lose weight I am following the Starch Solution which has allowed me to eat lots of healthy carbs, lose weight, and reduce my fasting blood sugars from 112-116 every morning to about 89 - 94 every morning ( It took 3 months). I'll be reporting on my cholesterol levels soon.

Eating carbohydrates  has become very unpopular in the US  partially because of the popularity of the Atkins diet introduced the 1970's and popularized in 1990's, the Keto diet in the 1920's for epilepsy control and became popular in the last 10 years,  and Paleo diet introduced the 1970's and also gained popularity in the late 1990's. 

Diets which are high in fat and protein but low in carbohydrates and are the opposite of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet which is the diet of choice of many well respected doctors and especially cardiologists.  Read an excellent article about  18 doctors that drive the Whole Food Plant-Based Food Movement.
Reading The Starch Solution led me to research other articles, Youtube presentations, and other books and websites that all promote a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet.. I was led to read The Starch Solution after seeing the enlightening and amazing video on Youtube of of Plantiful Kiki 's experience .  

Kiki lost 70 pounds by eating a whole food plant-based high starch diet. I literally found tons of videos on Youtube by others who did the same. Brittany Jaroudy a success story from Forks Over Knives website . 
And Brittany has a website and a Youtube channel just like Kiki- Although, the information I was reading originally seemed contrary to everything I had been taught to  believe, I began to understand the science behind it from watching videos from many of the doctors.

10 weeks ago, a close friend and I said we are going to try this way of eating Whole Foods Plant-Based diet that I was familiarized from Plantiful Kiki 's experience.  Being a vegetarian, it was an easier for me to make the switch . Yet, my close friend, who was a devoted meat eater, made the switch and is very happy with her menus, her 33 pound weight loss in 3 months, and most of all her amazing renewed energy! 

My experience, my close friend's experience and the testimonials of hundreds of ordinary people who share their success stories of recovering from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancers, and a myriad of other ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, bloating, IBS, Chrone's disease, etc. have all benefited and regained their energy and health following a high carbohydrate, low fat, oil-free diet.  

You can read testimonials oForks Over Knives and  McDougall Website  I am linking to two sites, there are many more on the World Wide Web. 

One of the most convincing programs I watched on Youtube was presented by Suny Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn, New York which sponsored many medical doctors, who have published articles in medical journals,  to speak at a conference. 

I was fascinated by the work of Dr. Katz who spoke about 20 minutes into the presentation ( You can fast forward to that point

Also the work Dr. Michael Klaper in a Youtube video called : Olive Oil Is Bad For You

 which is an eye opening video and the thoughts are shared by many other medical doctors including cardiologists. 

The information is not new, but it is considered cutting-edge because it is finally being publicized by medical doctors including board certified cardiologists, internists, surgeons, and researchers., 

How many people do you know with heart disease or Type 2 diabetes that have been successful reversing their diseases with the medicine and diet prescribed to them. Usually they are able to just manage, not reverse. 

Yes, I know it is hard to understand because we have been taught to believe otherwise.  But I think you will be hearing more and more about the benefits of high starch low fat eating in the future - 

Reading List
1. How Not to Die- Dr. Greger
2. How Not to Diet- Dr. Greger
3. The China Study- T. Campbell
4. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease - Dr. Esselstyn
5. The Starch Solution - Dr. McDougall
6. Reversing Diabetes- Dr. Neal Barnard
7. The Pleasure Trap- Doug Lisle
8. Amazing Documentary: Forks over Knives ( you have to rent it)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not trying to give medical advice. I am simply sharing information that I found on the Internet or in books that worked for me. ALWAYS check with your medical doctor before making any changes in your lifestyle or diet. 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Amazon and I am compensated if you make a qualified purchase when you follow links from my blog.  This helps defray the costs of hosting a free blog.  I thank you for your support. 


  1. I eat high starch foods every day, either rice or potatoes :)
    The starch solution is very interesting.

  2. I've seen so many different diets over the years! Carbs have either been our salvation or our doom on and off over the years. Although we do eat meat, much (not all) of the time it's actually as a flavor accent in a stir-fry or soup or some such. Really interesting post - thanks.

  3. Thanks for this information. My husband has type 2 Diabetes and gets hung up on carbs - which ones to eat which ones to avoid. I'll be reading the books you've suggested which I'm sure will help. We try to have a diet of whole foods with very little processed foods. Thanks for sharing at #weekendtrafficjamreboot and have a lovely week. x

  4. I cannot go without high quality carbs! Protein only in the mornings does not stay with me, and I have come to really enjoy the potatoes, and whole grain carbs I cook with. Thank you for sharing with us at WTJR!


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