Monday, April 19, 2021

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats- oil-free

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There is nothing like a steaming bowl of hot creamy oatmeal for breakfast- and steel cut oats are both delicious and nourishing.

I love the Instant Pot for making oatmeal. 
steel cut oats
I buy these steel cut oats (link for Amazon purchase)

I used to cook instant or rolled oats because they cook faster than steel cut oats. However, now that I use an Instant Pot (pressure cooker), making the highly nutritious steel cut oats is a snap. 

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Oatmeal can be classified by the way it is cut and processed. 
Oats are naturally gluten-free -HOWEVER- I always buy certified gluten-free oats BECAUSE oats can cross-contaminate when growing near wheat fields AND they can become contaminated in the factory if processed near wheat products. 

  1.  Steel cut oats- the least processed, the highest protein and fiber count which is 5 grams of fiber and a full 7 grams of protein per 1/4 cup serving. Amazing!
  2.  Rolled oats- close to steel cut oats in nourishment but digests more quickly and many cause blood sugar to rise more quickly than steel cut oats.
  3.  Instant oats - the most heavily processed and most likely to raise blood sugar levels, especially if it contains sugar which many of the instant oat packages do. 
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I love wild blueberries and walnut topping 

Oatmeal can be enjoyed topped with berries ( I use frozen), flax seeds, chia seeds, chopped nuts, nut milk etc. - anything that you enjoy. 

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Recipe for basic steel cut oats   steel cut oats  (Amazon link)

Ingredients : 
2 cups of steel cut oats ( I use GF oats)
4 cups of water

Directions for the Instant Pot 
Place oats, water, and salt in the Instant Pot. Set to pressure cook for 4 minutes. When done, allow steam to release naturally for 12 minutes. Release any remaining steam if there is any, open lid, stir and enjoy with additions of your choice. 

Since my husband does not eat breakfast, I am the only one eating the oatmeal. Therefore, I place the oatmeal in a mason jar and I eat some each day. It usually lasts for about 4 days. I simply heat up the amount I like each day. 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Amazon and I am compensated a small amount if you click on a link and make a qualified purchase. It helps defray the cost of publishing a blog. Thank you for you support. 


  1. mmm...those fresh berries look crazily good!

  2. This is great to know! If I get one, I'll definitely try these oats!

  3. the fresh berries make a delicious and colourful breakfast out of oats.

  4. I love steel cut oats for breakfast too....sometimes I add cinnamon, turmeric, and pepper.....those berries on top are gorgeous!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  5. The different toppings all look so good, but those fresh berries look amazing! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me. :)

  6. I really need to give this a try. Oatmeal is a regular breakfast staple for me and I love the idea of the added benefits steel cut oats provide.

  7. i love oatmeal and i love berries so this looks great. winter is a-coming soon so i will be haveing porridge for brekky soon.


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