Friday, November 23, 2018

New York City Candy Sculptures and Hot Chocolate

The 22 degree temperatures didn't stop me from strolling around Manhattan the day before Thanksgiving. The change in temperature encouraged a lot of coffee and hot chocolate drinking by both the locals and the tourists. I noticed organic coffee shops springing up throughout Manhattan.

My 40 minute walk began at Penn Station, progressed towards Bryant Park on 42nd Street and eventually towards Central Park. Along the way to my son's appartment, I passed all the newly decorated store fronts all ready for the holidays!

Macy's Window

Scroll down for additional photos!

The windows of Macy's, Cartier, Saks 5th Ave, and lots of other NYC stores were very exciting and musical. ! In addition, I stumbled upon a delightful sculpture display in the Garment Center.

The  exhibit at the New York City's Garment Center's Art On The Plazas is called Candy Nations and features 20 sculptures by Laurence Jenkell, a well known French artist. 

The colorful national sculptures are each 9 feet tall and weigh 1450 pounds. Each sculpture looks like a piece of candy wrapped in the colors of the country it represents. 

On a warmer day, visitors would be sitting at the tables having coffee or lunch
The artist wants to share “an optimistic message of unity beneath external differences”

The exhibit is at Broadway between 36th and 39th streets. It is free and will be available until Dec 9-2018.

Next I enjoyed a little shopping in Bryant Park where the Holiday Village is open for Ice Skating, shopping kiosks, and food vendor kiosks that were in full swing.  With the exceptionally cold weather,  hot chocolate seemed to be in demand!

Skaters of all ages were enjoying a variety of types of regular and gourmet hot chocolate available and encouraged at the kiosks near the ice rink. 

Here are some of the kiosks with regular or gourmet hot chocolate
1. Max Brenner 
2. No Chewing Allowed 
3. ‘Wichcraft 42nd Street and 6th Avenue 
4. Crêpe Café 
5. Wafels & Dinges 

Despite the extreme cold, I had a wonderful walk in Manhattan - I was all bundled up but glad to finally reach my son's house to warm up!

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  1. Those candy sculptures ( I first thought the sculptures made with candies :-))look fun! Thanks for sharing, Judee. Have a great weekend!

  2. How fun!!!! I love Bryant Park and all the fun decorations in New York!

  3. Beth,
    New York is so much fun from Thanksgiving through New Years! so much to see and do

  4. Angie,
    I might have been a little tricky in the title to draw attention- no they are not real candy...

  5. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

  6. Love those candy sculptures - so fun and whimsical!

  7. what fun! A belated happy thanksgiving

  8. Cecelia,
    The sculptures where huge, colorful, and fun..

  9. Carole,
    It was fun but cold- Thanks for the wishes

  10. Street art is fantastic. I love the candy sculptures.

    best... mae at

  11. Loved joining you on your walk from the comfort of my warm home! ;) I'll have to ask my daughter in NYC if she's seen the sculptures.


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