Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gluten Free Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Do you need a good gluten free recipe for Mother's Day breakfast or brunch? Even if you are not gluten free yourself, if you are having guests there is a good chance that someone will be gluten free. I've assembled a variety of gluten free ideas that could be eaten for breakfast or for a brunch.

Eggs are gluten free. 

Eggs right from the carton are gluten free.
You can make almost any kind of omelette using fresh eggs, vegetables, and real cheese.
You could try my recipes for :

Mushroom, Cilantro ( and feta) Omelet- tasty Greek style omelet

NoNa's Zucchini Quiche for Brunch - This is made in a large rectangular pan and serves about 8 easily especially if you have other food for brunch. Easy to make with step by step tutorial- Can be made in advance

Zucchini, Red Pepper Rings, and Spinach Quiche- Another easy quiche, but this one is very colorful and makes a pretty presentation. Can be made in advance

Marvelous Mini Crustless Quiches- perfect to keep in the freezer and pop out anytime you need a snack. These can be made in advance.

Tomato and Egg Shakshookah ; - A Middle Eastern recipe with eggs cooked in salsa ingredients. 

How to cook eggs for a crowd- Some great ideas for cooking fried eggs in muffin tins- how to hard boil eggs in the oven, and how to steam your eggs for easy peeling.

Oatmeal Must be labeled Gluten Free
Here are three very tasty ideas that you can make using Gluten Free Oatmeal. Technically, oats are gluten free but because of cross pollination when they grow near wheat and processing oats in the same facilities as wheat, only oats that say Gluten Free are safe for most people. I get my gluten free oats at Trader Joe's in a large bag that is very reasonably priced.

The following 3 recipes are perfect for breakfast:

 Raisin Oatmeal Cookies - Sweetened with bananas only - makes great breakfast take along for kids. Or add chocolate chips for a more snack like treat.

Blackberry Refrigerator Oatmeal ( Weight Watchers Style)
- Make ahead overnight oatmeal that provides a healthy breakfast and is ready for you whenever you wake up. Smooth, creamy, and healthy. This is really good and can be made in advance and looks so pretty.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes
- Put gluten free oats in the blender to make flour and make these tasty and healthy pancakes.

Muffins, Cookies, Pudding ( no added sugar) 

Blueberry Muffin in a Mug for one

Cherry Berry Mug Muffin- These are made with chia seeds and the cherry's taste amazing

Key Lime Puddingmade in 5 minutes with avocado- creamy and delicious


  1. awsome recipes love that they are gluten free and look so delicious the world has truly come a long way
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    1. Yes, gluten free recipes are popular and so many are naturally gluten free when you eat real food!!

  2. MMmmm - banana pancakes!! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

    1. Well, they have a wonderful banana flavor and are light and fluffy .

  3. Great ideas. We are gluten-free here (well, my husband is anyway) and these are all good ones.


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