Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Conscious Parent: Book Review

 Raising children is not always easy.  Do you get into power struggles or just don't know how to diffuse an argument? I just read a book that helps parents learn strategies to keep peace and harmony in their home and in all relationships. Guess who it starts with? The parent .. All of us have our own issues and baggage, hopes and dreams for our kids. It's often our very own expectations, hopes, and fears, that can exasperate relationships.

I just love the book called The Conscious Parent written by Dr. Shafali Tsabary, A New York clinical psychologist who uses a mix of Eastern and Western philosophy to find ways to explore our relationship with own self so we can ultimately improve all of our relationships-

Her book deals with one of the most intimate relationships, parenting, but her ideas help us to transform ourselves first -so we can empower our children. No matter what the age of  your kids, you can benefit from this book.

I watched her video with Oprah and an interview today with Marie Forleo- both were great!
Dr. Shafali has a spiritual approach to fixing our relationships starting with first understanding our expectations with ourself and  then helping us to understanding why certain behaviors in other people trigger us or make us angry or frustrated.

I consider it a book in self ( emotional) healing with great strategies to make your relationships work better because you can see where the problem is really coming from within yourself! Makes sense!

You can read about and buy her book on Amazon : The Conscious Parent ( you can get the kindle edition ) It's worth the read !


Have you read the book or have you heard of it? Let me know what you thought about it.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do receive a very very small compensation from Amazon when you click through my blog to buy something. These very small compensations help me defray the cost of running my blog. I appreciate your purchases. I would never recommend a product unless I saw excellent value in it. This is one of those books!

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  1. going to check this book out, looks informative. Happy Monday! You should come link up your book on my book blog hop!


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