Friday, April 10, 2015

Raspberries and Chocolate- 1 Point Plus

raspberries and chocolate chips

This is a great idea for a decadent but low calorie healthy dessert.  I'm back on Weight Watchers ( trying to lose 10 pounds) and am searching for good choices when I want a snack. I saw this raspberry and chocolate dessert on the Weight Watchers blog, and it was love at first sight and bite. I couldn't wait to try it .

I wasn't disappointed. I would have loved the chocolate chips by themselves or the raspberries by themselves, but together - well it brought me to a whole new level. 8 raspberries each filled with one semi sweet chip is only 1 Point Plus for all of them! YUM!

Raspberries and chocolate are a perfect match. You still get to eat your healthy fresh fruit ( Zero Points Plus) enhanced with just a hint of dark chocolate ( dark chocolate is good too and provides antioxidants and magnesium) A entire tablespoon of semi sweet dark chocolate chips (about 16 chips) has only 2 Points Plus. Remember, you can have 8 stuffed raspberries for just one point plus!!!!

plate of red raspberries and dairy free chocolate chips

 Raspberries are low in sugar, a little tart, packed with antioxidants and have a perfect opening for that tiny little piece of rich dark chocolate. If you have to have a little sugar, I think this dessert is a better choice than cake, cookies, or consuming low calorie desserts using artificial sweeteners
( which I never use because they are really bad for you and actually contribute to weight gain.)

Why do artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain? Your body can't really digest artificial sweeteners because they are chemicals not food, so the body doesn't know what to do with them. It stores what it perceives as toxins in your fat reserves expanding your fat deposits.) Who want's that?  Studies have actually shown that people who use artificial sweeteners regularly gain inches. In addition, who wants extra toxins playing all kinds of havoc in your body????

Back to the dessert: It looks so pretty and appealing too.

You can make this in advance in just minutes, refrigerate it, and serve whenever you are ready. A little whipped cream or whipped coconut cream wouldn't hurt either, but let's not get carried away.

I love how fast and simple it is to assemble and how delicious each little morsel tastes- It is definitely a crowd pleaser.

So, whether you are just craving something chocolate , are following Weight Watchers and want a low calorie treat, or are having company and need an elegant dessert that is vegan, gluten free, and fresh- This is it- enjoy!!

1 pint of organic raspberries, lightly sprayed with water and patted dry.
2 Tablespoons of semi sweet ( non dairy) dark chocolate chips
( about 32 chips- each serving is 1/2 Tablespoon of chips- 8 chips

Place a chocolate chip inside the cavity of each raspberry. Display on an elegant dish.
Serving size: 8 stuffed raspberries
Points Plus Value: 1 Point Plus

My Personal Notes:
1. Use only dairy free semi sweet chocolate chips.
 2. Since this recipe has no leaven, it is also perfectly permissible for Passover ( use Kosher for Passover chips)

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