Thursday, October 23, 2014

Do This One Thing To Improve Your Health

Do This One Thing To Improve Your Health

You can do one thing to improve your health!

Sometimes I get off track and do not do all of the the healthy things I know I should and want to be doing for my health. It's usually because I get too stressed, busy, or tired. During times that I get offtrack, I like to remember to do at least this one thing to improve my health: Drink more water.

I'm basically a healthy eater, but I don't drink enough water. 

Drinking water has many benefits. Hydration is important for many reasons:

  • detoxification
  • elimination
  • proper thinking
  • weight loss 
  • and all bodily functions
  • How well can our minds work when we hold onto our toxins? 
  • How well can we feel if we hold onto our toxins? 
  • We may not feel it right away, but in time the proof will be in the pudding. 

Water is a great flusher of toxins and essential to good health. In addition, I've read that students should drink water before a test, it helps them make better thought connections.

The only water that I know that I get every morning is because of a healthy habit that I've developed.  I find when I make it a routine, I do it without thinking. It's like brushing your teeth. No thinking or planning is involved.

My morning routine. 
I get up early . My daily routine includes drinking a 16 ounce glass of water with a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar.

                                    ( click her for my apple cider weight loss drink recipe)

Apple cider vinegar is really good for you and helps detoxify and balance body ph. It's a habit I developed, and I just do it every morning . I sip it as I get dressed, check my emails, check my blog etc. It's like my morning coffee. but healthier.

Then I make sure that I exercise before I do anything else. If I don't do my morning run or exercise machine first thing- I usually get distracted with other things or  too lazy and just don't exercise. That's why 5-6 mornings a week- I just get up and do it!

Since I have those habits in place, I stick to them but I need to develop an afternoon routine to drink water. As the day progresses and I'm busy,  I don't always feel as good about my choices and I certainly forget to drink water!

So my new mantra is if I do nothing else- I need to drink more water- 

Not drinking enough water is where I fall short and yet it's so easy. I am going to get into the habit of drinking another 16 ounce glass of water ( maybe with fresh lemon ) before I begin to cook dinner around 4:30 or 5:00..

That is my new habit to develop. It's simple and very beneficial. My message for today is
" If you do nothing else, drink more water"

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