Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Fabulous Finds

What are fabulous finds? 
They are posts that I found on Pinterest or on the Internet that I want to share. Sometimes they are articles; sometimes they are recipes. I hope that you find some that are interesting or helpful to you. Today's links include: facts about Ebola, Natural Virus protection, health risks from bagged microwave popcorn chemicals, why styrofoam cups are dangerous, get calcium without dairy, + some blogging tips on about Picmonkey and Canva. Hope you find something of interest today.

Educate yourself Category:  

1. Ebola:  10 things you should know about Ebola- symptoms, how it is spread, how to protect yourself.

2. Natural Virus Protection : 10 natural ways to boost immunity to protect against viruses ( including Ebola)  Author and Nutritionist explains natural ways to protect against viruses. ( viruses do not respond to antibiotics)

3. Why you should ditch bagged microwave popcorn and what you should eat instead  Excellent article about the harmful chemicals in bags of microwave popcorn. Easy way to make popcorn on the stove or in a brown bag in the microwave

4  Why Styrofoam cups are dangerous- who knew?

5. How to get enough calcium without dairy- great resource

6. 17 signs your body is not taking out the trash and what to do about it.- a must read

7. Dinner Recipe: Sweet Potato Gnocchi- Delicious grain free recipe

8. Uplifting Quote on relationships- very true

Blogging Tips:

9. Canva vs Picmonkey - the battle for the blog images - I like them both, but use Canva more Great comparison article of between the two photo editing programs.
Both have a free version.

10. How to embed an Instagram video into a blogpost

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Author: Judee Algazi

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  1. Good info on styrofoam. I avoid it for environmental reasons...never thought about health!
    Thanks for sharing, Judee.


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