Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why You Can't Lose Weight!

It seems we are an overweight nation and everyone feels they want to lose a little weight. 
Do you try to lose weight but you can't? Do you lose and gain it back?  Do you exercise, restrict, cut out, but constantly lose the battle?

It turns out it really may not be entirely your fault. It turns out that we may be losing the battle because of our food industry..

There is a new movie/documentary called " FED UP" in theaters in big cities that explains why our food  manufactured food supply is addicting and designed to make us gain weight. Our manufactured food supply which is attractively boxed, wrapped, and packaged stares you and your children in the eye in every supermarket, pharmacy, convenience store, gas station, etc. etc. is actually the prime contributor to the growing epidemic of degenerative diseases that are so prevalent in America, outweighing genetics! These highly processed foods ( not just snacks) are laden with sugar which puts unrealistic demands on the liver and pancreas which can eventually lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Weight gain sets us up for insulin problems and that can spell eventually- diabetes. Adult onset diabetes is no longer an adult disease. It's affecting kids now and it is mostly blamed on what we are eating!

I don't usually like to be an alarmist. I don't usually like to dramatize, but this is serious stuff.  Your health is at stake, your children's health is at state, our nation's health is at stake. Martha Stewart just tweeted about this new movie, Fed Up, and how excellent it is and why it is a must for everyone to see.

If we want to reclaim our health and our bodies, we need to demand real  food. Poor food quality has become epidemic. Our food industry has been compared to the tobacco industry of 30 years ago. No one wanted to say the truth.about the damage that cigarettes were doing to the health of smokers and the health of those who were ingesting second hand smoke. Finally, warning on the labels of the cigarette boxes had to state that :  Cigarettes cause cancer. How long did that take? How long were Americans kept in the dark about the real dangers of smoking.

 Well we are up again against big business industry again- but this time it is the food industry. This film helps expose how addictive sugar is and how much sugar in pumped into our food supply. The sad news is that in tests, sugar lights up the neurons in the brain in the same way that cocaine lights up the neurons in the brain, making sugar a substance that is highly addictive. Industry does not want you to know how bad sugar by 56 different names  is for you.

3 year olds are addicted to sugar, 5 year olds are addicted, 15 years olds are addicted, 50 year olds are addicted. It's in all manufactured products - but by different names. In order to get off the stuff, you will go through withdrawal! Do you know how difficult that is. That is why most people can't get off it. That is why kids prefer it. It's an addictive substance.

This film is exposing it and what you as a consumer need to know about your food supply.

The movie came out May 9-  
After watching this movie you will have a new perspective on what you are buying from the supermarket and what you are eating. Our food industry is finally being challenged because people are becoming fed up with the little regard that manufacturers , our government and marketers have for our health. You can watch the trailer for the movie below. We need to wake up!!

Watch the Trailer! 

                            or go to YOu Tube Fed Up

It's playing in Philadelphia at the Ritz 5
poster with 56 names for sugar written on it

What do you think?
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  1. Hi Judee, No, I haven't seen this movie; however, I will be looking for it. Thanks for calling attention to it. I'll be watching for it.

  2. Judee, I haven't heard of this movie and I'm not sure it will be in Iowa or not but it sounds like something everyone should hear. Too bad they didn't put it on TV too!

  3. I agree with what you say in every way. this sounds like a great movie which I had not heard of either before. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays Blog Hop!

  4. That movie sounds so interesting. I started a journey to get healthy almost two years ago and know how hard it is, and how important it is, to eat real food. I'll be watching for the chance to see this movie.

  5. I haven't seen this movie, but we watched Food Inc., which was pretty disturbing. We'll be looking for to watch this one too. Scary stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I wish this movie would play in my area. There are so many people that could learn something new to do better for themselves.

  7. The 56 names of sugar us really interesting. Thanks for posting that.

  8. I have heard of this movie and would just LOVE to watch it. Thanks for sharing and getting it out there. Have a great week, Judee.

  9. I would love to see it, and I agree that sugar is a huge problem, along with processed foods! We TRY to eat real foods and I cook every night and pack lunches, so that I know what we're eating. (Not gonna lie, I like my ice cream)...will be looking for this. Thanks for linkiing up at Merry Monday Linky! Julia

  10. I can't wait to watch the movie - it is so true! Thank you for posting!

  11. We have had to watch certain ingredients for my middle man due to hyperness not weight however this is good to know information for us too, thanks for sharing especially in the Pintastic Pinteresting Party

  12. Thank you for sharing, Judee. I doubt this film will be coming to my small town, but maybe a larger one nearby.

  13. I haven't seen the movie but I have heard about it. I agree, the food industry is heavily into selling to us and it is definitely in their interest to get us addicted to things like sugar and salt. It's so important that we are being made aware of this so we can make good decisions about our family's diets.

  14. Hi Judee,
    I have yet to see the movie but I've heard about hidden sugars in foods from co-workers. I've been watching my sugar content, along with carbs, fat, sodium, since last year and it has made a difference!! I cut out flavored yogurt and now only buy plain and I also make my own yogurt. However, I do have a sinful sweet tooth but I try to keep that to moderation. Thanks for sharing this info as many don't realize its not just the fat content in foods they have to watch but all the sugar, sodium, and unwanted additives.
    Julie@ Sweet and Spicy Monkey

  15. I'm excited to see this movie when it comes out on DVD, theater isn't something that really ever happens around here with four little kids! Thanks for sharing this and your eggplant dinner at Savoring Saturdays, Judee! I hope you'll come back this weekend. :)

  16. Thanks for sharing this! I hadn't heard of the film, so I'm featuring this tonight on Waste Not Want Not Wednesday :)

  17. I too am against the food industry large companies


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