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Zucchini Noodles in the Spiralizer ( WW)


Zucchini noodles are an amazing substitute for regular starchy pasta noodles. It's a very low calorie way of eating a pasta look a like dish . How do it taste? Fabulous!How did I make these sprialized zucchini noodles? With an inexpensive tool called a sprializer!

Where do you buy a spiralizer? 

I bought mine online on Amazon. I've been using it for 3 years.
It's light, easy to use, and easy to wash.  
.Spiralizer By Palermo- Voted the Best Vegetable Maker, 
I would recommend it!

.Spiralizer By Palermo- Voted the Best Vegetable Maker, 


Making vegetable noodles is fast and easy Once you have a sprializer, you can go crazy making noodles from carrots  , beets into pasta noodles, and so much more. There is something about regular pasta that really sticks to the ribs, literally, but not this zucchini pasta. It's light and delicious and made from the raw vegetable using a simple tool that every kitchen should have called a "spiralizer". I made two different recipes: one with sauce and the other with mushrooms.

sorry about the photo

Back to our zucchini pasta dishes- The whole family will love these simple delicious dishes, and if you are conscious of counting calories, it is much lower in calories and much more nutritious than regular or gluten free pasta. Vegetables are good for you and most of us need to eat more of them. Why not enjoy them when they taste like pasta!!

Here are some reasons and instructions on how to eat enjoy these fun and very easy to make zucchini noodles 

  • If you are vegetarian- Makes a great entree
  • If you are vegan , leave out the cheese and make a marinara sauce
  • If you prefer raw- try my amazing raw zucchini recipe made with sundried tomatoes for the sauce
  • If you are weight conscious- You will LOVE these noodle alternatives- low in calories 
Recipe #1

1 medium zucchini
1 cup of marinara sauce
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
Olive oil or butter

Using a spiralizer ( very very easy) follow easy directions to make the noodles -takes about 1-  2 minutes to turn into noodles
In a skillet, add a teaspoon of olive oil or butter and saute the noodles very quickly for about a minute and half ( don't over cook)
Place into a bowl, cover with sauce and cheese.
Eat and enjoy

Or if you prefer You can eat your zucchini pasta raw or cooked. So dig in and enjoy this nutritious and very tasty dish.

Used a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles
I ate this raw without sauteing the zucchini - delicious 

Recipe #2 - Zucchini and Mushrooms
1 package of sliced mushrooms
1 medium zucchini
optional: Parmesan cheese

Saute mushrooms in a little olive oil or butter
sprialize the zucchini into noodles
Add zucchini to mushrooms and sautee just 1 minute longer!
Toss with grated cheese if desired and enjoy
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zucchini made with a sprializer
zucchini just after spiralized
since zucchini is a non starchy vegetable it is zero points plus on WW.. so enjoy this healthy lunch.

sauteed zucchini tossed with Parmesan cheese
Zucchini sauteed a little and then tossed with a little Parmesan- Amazing

mushrooms sauteing in a skillet
sauteing mushrooms for zucchini 

sprialized zucchini noodles tossed with mushrooms
toss mushrooms and zucchini together

sprialized zucchini and mushrooms with a fried egg
I added an egg to eat it with.. It made a nice lunch

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