Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BPA- Free Plastic is Not Safe After All

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Are you using BPA-Free plastic? Let me explain to you why I stopped using it.  I know plastic is convenient to use , but BPA-Free plastic is still full of other toxic chemicals!  Initially, when I started to read how bad plastic is for the environment and how toxic it is to our bodies, I emptied my kitchen of plastic and replaced my storage containers with glass. Then I read about BPA-free plastic and started to buy BPA -free plastic- now I've stopped using it as well.

 Plastic that is BPA- free is still not healthy. Why ??

BPA- free plastic is now made with other chemicals that are equally harmful. I read a great article on a blog I follow called Holistic Squid.

 Emily discusses The BPA free plastic issue  in depth. The article is informative and good read.

Alert: Your BPA-Free Plastic isn't Safe Afterall

Thanks Emily ...

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