Monday, June 24, 2013

What is Bloglovin???

If you are one of the 309 followers/bloggers who follow my blog through Google Friend Connect, you won't be following me after another week because Google Friend Connect will no longer exist!!.
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So, we all need to find a new way to follow each other. I am now using  Bloglovin .It is a new way to follow each other and many bloggers are now switching to it.. It's kind of the new Google Friends Connect.

 So,  Unless , you re- sign up to re- follow me on Google +, personal email subscription, or Bloglovin  we will lose touch.

However, I am still following you. Because this is what I did..
1. I signed up for Bloglovin
2. If you click to go there, there is a prompt to transfer all the blogs you follow from GFC to a new Bloglovin reader, so you don't lose the blogs you follow. Takes 10 seconds
3. I transferred all of you and now your blog posts all appear on myFollow Me on Bloglovin   reader. 
4. I receive a daily email with all the new posts from the blogs that I follow! I don't miss your posts.
5. So, click over to Bloglovin  and get started. Then transfer all of the blogs you follow( took 10 seconds) just one click and you will be set! 

**(If you are now receiving my posts in your email, you are fine; There is nothing to do ; you will continue to receive them in your email)- do nothing

Now, if you prefer you can receive my recipes each time I post in your email( Just look at the upper right side of my blog and fill in your email address in the box that says subscribe or Follow me on Google+ or Follow me on Bloglovin

1. Import feeds from your Google Reader account
To import all the blogs you follow on Google Reader to Bloglovin, just click
2. Download the iPhone app
With the bloglovin’ iPhone app, you can now read all your favorite blogs 24/7. Get ithere.

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