Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banana Roll Ups for Kids

                             banana and peanut butter in a tortilla roll

Do you remember eating peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and  banana sandwiches, or even peanut butter with Nutella when you were a kid?  Peanut butter seem to go with everything and we all loved the stuff. 

Sandwich Peanut Butter photo and picture

It was a quick and easy snack/lunch and sometimes that's just what a mother needed- something quick and easy! 

These simple banana roll ups on a corn tortilla or gluten-free wrap are perfect because you don't even need to cut the banana!! You eat it like a hot dog so even kids can make their own and they can have fun making this healthy sandwich. 

Free Tortillas Corn photo and picture
They are great for a kids party too! 
The delicious combination of bananas and peanut butter is already outrageous. But don't stop there, the possibilities in this tortilla are endless.
Free Banana To Cut photo and picture

If you are looking for ideas for kids check out these ideas. 
Muffin Tin Ideas (link to ideas and how to )
muffin tin filled with vegetables and hummus
Muffin Tin Ideas ( link to ideas) Having a party. Scoop the ice cream in muffin tins in advance for easy serving. 

sorbets in a cupcake tin

Fabulous Find # 3 
This is such a great idea. Keep prepackaged healthy snack trays in the refrigerator for kids. Healthy snacks are all ready for the taking. 
This idea, directions, and  photo are from a blog 
called Real SimpleThere are lots of other great ideas on the blog as well.

Banana Roll Ups

2 gluten free tortillas or brown rice wraps ( I get them at Trader Joe or health store)
4 TBSP of nut butter ( I like organic peanut butter or organic almond butter)
1-2  bananas (depending on the size of your wrap and what it will hold)
4 TBSP whole fruit no sugar preserves ( any supermarket)

Spread wraps with nut butter and preserves. Place a whole or 1/2 of banana in center of each wrap. Roll up , hold it together with a toothpick and enjoy.

Dip bananas in melted chocolate and chill in refrigerator before adding to the wrap ( now we are talking)

Step by Step Pictures


Buy a package of gluten free tortillas at your health food store. If you are not gluten free use regular tortillas!

Take tortilla from the package and warm it up in the toaster over on 200 till soft
Spread with nut butter and fruit only jelly or jam
Add 1/2 a banana to the center depending on the size of your tortilla or wrap

Roll up and enjoy!

My Notes: 
This was one of my first blog posts back in 2011. My blog has come a long way baby!!It is now entirely plant-based, oil-free, and of course still gluten-free. Browse around and see what appeals to you. 

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  1. Yummy and easy...great pick for the SRC!

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