Monday, June 17, 2024

Enjoying Early Summer at The Farmer's Market

group of people standing near vegetables

Summer, my favorite season, is almost officially upon us. and one of the things I love in the summer is going to the local farmer's markets for produce and a pleasant morning out with music and nature.   

June 20 marks the official date of summer despite a severe heat wave on its way for the entire east coast starting June18. Luckily, for the past few weeks our mornings and late evening have been in the crisp and cool in the low 60's, despite rising to the 80's and 90's during the day.

Sunglasses on Sand Near Sea at Sunset

Summer for me means trips to the farmer's market, since I no longer grow my own vegetables. I made my first trip to the farmer's market in Wrightstown, Pa. this week, which is about a 25 minute ride from my house through Bucks County.

Landscape photo and picture

It's always a magical morning for me when I go there. The little outdoor market boasts about 20 stands composed of 2 organic farmers, 4 regular famers, fragrant soap makers, honey farmers, homemade specialty foods, food trucks, and a few other kiosks with people selling things they have made. In fact, during the covid years, I rented a spot and sold my healthy plant-based soups cookbook (link to see my cookbook on Amazon).

The make-shift weekly market is located in a big field out in the countyside. 

Free Fence Wildflowers photo and picture

The merchants and people are very congenial. and it feels like everyone is there to hang out, socialize, and of course buy the wholesome goods. There is always live music with a singer too. I enjoy the solace of the ride out to country area, enjoy walking around in the big grassy field, talking to people - some that I now know and some that I don't. 

After I finish at the market, I drive about 1/4 mile further to a little store area. There are about 6 large stores all sharing the same Parking lot in the middle of no where.

First is a large beautiful natural market (Organnons Market) where I usually get a brown rice vegetable sushi with fermented vegetables and any packaged goods that might be on sale that week. While I'm there, I read all of the local business cards posted on their bulletin board (most are holistic or homestead minded)  

Next store is an ice cream store called,  "OWOWCOW" which makes small batches of ice cream using many locally grown ingredients, including milk and cream, honey, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and lavender from the surrounding farms.  Their lavender honey flavor is my favorite. Thank goodness it isn't open yet when I get there around 10 am each week. (I don't need to be eating ice cream every week) . 

In the same shopping area is a local nursery that sells all kinds of plants, trees, shrubs, hanging baskets, flowers, and has starter plants for herbs and vegetables. 

 I bought a small pot of each : organic oregano, basil, and lemon verbena. 

 I will attempt to plant the herbs this week which may be difficult with my beautifully long and polished nails.

woman's hand with long nails blue polish
New Store !
I'm excited about the new store that recently opened in that shopping area: "Rainbows of Healing" - A Metaphysical Boutique . It is charming and exudes a peaceful atmosphere with lovely engaging people working there.  Inside I found unique gifts, crystals, jewelry, singing bowls, books, etc. They also give classes and provide services such as Reiki, sound healing, and reflexology. 

( It was my first time in the store. I didn't buy anything but will keep it mind for gifts. I just loved being in there.

Do you go to farmer's markets and countryside stores? What do you buy? 


  1. I do not as a rule frequent farmers' markets but not because I don't want to; I just don't usually make it to them! But you live in a charming part of the world and I would love to go to yours! WOW that ice cream looks good, and such lovely young ladies behind the counter. Are you glad to be home in Pennsylvania? xoxo

  2. Your market is well above the average farmers' market. You actually have food from local growers. Sounds perfect.

  3. Your drive to and the market itself, sound great! But I would (from time to time!) have a scoop of ice cream!

  4. We are fortunate to have farm shops nearby where the produce is wonderful.
    Farmers Markets also visit a nearby town and it's always good to attend.

    All the best Jan

  5. The farmers market really does sound like such a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere. You are making me want to visit it someday if I am ever in the area. Also, I love the color of your nail polish, it's beautiful!

  6. It looks and sounds like a delightful place to visit. Good luck with the planting with those stunning blue nails!

  7. This would be my ideal shopping spree! We don't have proper farmers markets here, but when we are in Europe that is where we do most of our shopping :)

  8. OWOWCOW...such a fun name for an ice cream shop. I am just back from our small farmer market...bought some fruit and salad for my husband. That organic oregano looks so healthy and great.

  9. That is a beautiful market and surrounding area. I like the twenty-five minute drive to get there. A lovely summer outing for some great products. Summer is wonderful!

  10. I do go to our farmers market once or twice a week. It sounds a lot like yours with local farmers that do not use chemicals but old techniques. We also can get local meat, eggs, honey, dairy and a long list of other things. What a great name for an ice cream shop. I say at least stop once a month. Stay cool. It's hot and humid here too.

  11. I absolutely LOVE the farmer's market and craft fairs as well. What a fun day you had. Bringing home fresh veggies and fruits is always good. That last shop sounds like my cup of tea. I would definitely have to bring home a candle or some kind of goody in that shop. I will check the link out right now. A 25 minute drive for you, and you have many neat shops for you to visit. What a wonderful day. I like your blue nails!


  12. That fence with the flowers is quite beautiful! I was enjoying the summer weather right up until last night, when the low temperature was a very respectable daytime high number, like 73F. :-(

  13. What a lovely read, Judee!
    Your description of the farmer's market paints such a vivid picture of community and fresh local goods.

    Happy Thursday!

  14. What a lovely market, love visiting them.
    Thanks so much for participating and sharing at SSPS 315. See you again next week at

  15. I love farmers markets. Though the one you go to is fantastic! I'm from Western PA. There are larger farmers markets north of me but I haven't made it to any yet.
    Visiting today from SSPS 315 #39,40,41&42

  16. I love visiting farmers market in summer because it opens only for few months. the blue nail paint is great for summers.

  17. Your local farmer's market sounds fun and idyllic, and the pictures are postcard beautiful. I love that you've made a tradition of shopping there. Also, your long blue nails are indeed beautiful! Finally, thanks so much for your kind words on my post about the arrival of Charlotte. They were very sweet and touching. 🥑💙🍒💐💅

    1. I love the photo of you and Charlotte Rose!! so precious !!


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