Monday, April 1, 2024


I'm joining Sherry at Sherry's at Sherry's Pickings Blog for IN MY KITCHEN April 2024 . 

Free Daffodils Flower Background photo and picture

What's IN MY KITCHEN this month? 
A friend came to visit and brought me a lovely white serving dish. I also covered some of the food I made .

white candy dish

It was our 52nd anniversary a few days ago and my husband brought me some beautiful pink blush roses. ( pic taken after 5 days).

pink roses

What I've been eating 

avocado toast with greens on top, vegan, gluten-free

I made  avocado toast by mashing ripe avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper and eating it on gluten-free bread/toast. I topped it with a cherry tomato and some greens. It was delicious for breakfast. 

gluten-free kasha and noodles, vegan

My sister-in- law made some kasha with gluten-free bowtie noodles. It was delicious. I'll publish her recipe soon. 

I like this black bean dip that I get at Whole Foods. It's got zero fat grams and no oil added. I sometimes make GF toast and spread this black bean dip on it . It's quick easy and a healthy choice. 

I also made a vegetable noodle soup.  I used spiraled zucchini noodles. It was delicious. Recipe link for Noodle Soup here .

I enjoyed this simple sliced cucumber and radicchio salad with a tofu mayo dressing. Delicious. I used my easy( link) vegan mayo recipe.

The rose bud tea that I purchased last May in Israel is fragrant and wonderful. I'm just getting around to using it. 

purple and white flower petals on yellow box

I also love mint tea, hot or iced!! 85 degrees here in Florida!

green leaf in clear drinking glass


  1. The mint tea sounds lovely and the variety in the post is great.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary - what an achievement - and the roses are beautiful! Love the little dish and the idea of using zucchini noodles in the soup. Hope you have an amazing April!

  3. Great-looking foods! I love kasha and also love avocados.
    best, mae at

  4. Mmmm. Looks like you've had a tasty month. Especially love recipe for avocado toast.

  5. Congratulations on your 52nd anniversary!
    Love the avocado toast, its my favorite to eat most times.

  6. Happy anniversary and that serving bowl is stunning!
    Tandy | Lavender and Lime

  7. Happy Anniversary!! That is a big milestone. Everything looks delicious and I LOVE that serving dish. It's so pretty and just big enough. Have a great month!!

  8. Congrats and happy anniversary. A great achievement. I love smashed avo on toast - nothing better :) Have a great April and thanks for joining us at IMK. cheers Sherry

  9. You grabbed my attention with avocado toast - I love that! Yum, yum. I hope your anniversary was wonderful and I wish you many more happy years.

  10. What a sweet post. It was so nice to see what's up in your kitchen. The tea sounds really good, and that bowtie meal looks delicious. I'd love to try that black bean dip. There is a Whole Foods in my hometown. Your post was delightful. My favorite posts are of "this and that."


  11. Oh, I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary....and those blush roses are beautiful.

    I watched The Audrey Hepburn Story on tubi, but I don't know if it's on Netflix as well. : )

  12. Happy belated anniversary, Judee!
    Those pink blush roses are stunning.
    Your kitchen sounds delightful this month!

  13. 52nd anniversary! What a wonderful achievement, one that we aspire to after just celebrating our first anniversary :) Loving the idea of the vegan mayo, will be trying it this month!

  14. I forgot to say, a belated but no less sincere Happy Anniversary! The roses are gorgeous. xoxo

  15. What a lovely post full of good things.
    Belated happy 52nd anniversary wishes.

    I do hope my comment comes through okay as blogger has been messing about!

    All the best Jan

  16. Whoops got another glitch then!
    Belated Happy Anniversary wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. Congrats on your anniversary!!

    Your smashed avo on toast looks delicious

  18. I love avocado toast for breakfast, sometimes with a poached or boiled egg on top. In fact I even like it for dinner. It's already 85 degrees! Ouch. I will be visiting St. Pete and New Port Richey next month for a couple of weeks. It's a reunion with some college and high school friends. I hope it is not too steamy. After living on the Northern California coast for many years my tolerance for extremely hot or cold weather has flown out the window.

  19. Such a happy post, especially the daffodils! They're my favorite flower. By the way, I really enjoyed the comment you left about your childhood Easter bonnets. So sweet and nostalgic! 💛👒

  20. The teas and soup sound wonderful and congrats on your anniversary!


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