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Tuscan Creamy White Bean Soup

creamed bean soup

Are you in the mood for a soothing easy soup recipe?  This traditional Tuscan soup is sure to satisfy!

It boasts subtle hints of fresh rosemary, has a silky consistency, and provides a substantial amount of plant-based protein. Although we often think of making soup in the winter, this is light enough for any season.

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I was introduced to this tasty soup at a dinner party hosted by a new friend who I met in our condo building in Florida. We were invited for a Friday night (Shabbat) dinner. My new friend wanted to make a dinner that was entirely vegan and gluten-free so I would be able to eat everything at the dinner. 

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Her dinner party started with this delicious white bean soup. 

I liked it so much, I had seconds and immediately requested the recipe. 

I photographed this pic immediately
after I pureed it and it was still frothy!

It can be made quickly and calls for a few simple ingredients.

Free White Beans Cannellini Beans photo and picture

My host used canned beans; I used dry beans that I soaked overnight and cooked before making the soup. You can use either method. I've tried it both ways! 

She also sautéed her onions in olive oil; I used vegetable broth to sauté the onions and saved calories but didn't sacrifice taste.

Those were the only changes I made in the recipe. Certainly using canned beans is quicker, less messy, and easier!!

Lentils and beans provide a substantial amount of protein in a plant-based meal. I try to eat one high protein bowl of soup everyday. I love soup, so that is not a challenge for me.

Allow the soup to set for at least 4 hours before eating or serving to allow the flavors to mingle 

Try one of my other hearty warming winter soups!
This is one of my favorites- sweet and sour cabbage soup

Ingredients for creamy white bean soup: 

3 15 ounce cans of white beans (cannellini or great northern), rinsed and drained. 
2 large onions, sliced 
1/2 cup on vegetable broth
2 cloves of fresh garlic, diced
1 and 1/2 quarts of vegetable broth
2 cups of water
1 branch of fresh rosemary removed from the stem
Sea salt
Cracked pepper 
Cayenne pepper ( optional) 


Sauté the sliced onions in the vegetable broth in a large stock pot or Dutch oven for about 15 minutes or until soft and golden . Add garlic and sauté a few more minutes. Add cooked beans, vegetable broth, salt and cracked pepper to taste. Cook for about 20 minutes. Puree the soup using an immersion blender until the soup is smooth and creamy. Add cayenne if desired.  
Allow soup to rest for about 4 hours ( or more) before serving to allow the flavors to mingle.

* If you are going to use dry beans, soak them overnight and cook them in the morning according to the package directions. Then add them to the soup already cooked the same direction as the canned beans.

My Notes: 
*This is a gluten-free, oil-free, plant-based recipe.
*Fresh rosemary is a healthy herb that is readily available in South Florida where we have lots of ethnic groups who depend on fresh herbs for their cooking. 
* Like most herbs, rosemary is high in antioxidants and adds a lovely flavor to the soup. 
* Can you use dried rosemary in this soup? I am not sure if the flavor would be the same.
* I skimmed off some of the rosemary after cooking and before I blended the soup. 


  1. I love bean soup too never thought of making it creamy thank you for the recipe

  2. Awesome that you enjoyed the does look very creamy to me.

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  7. Easy-peasy recipe that I think must have an amazing taste. Thanks for sharing and know next fall or winter I'll try it out. It's already spring weather here in Tucson and hope it stays that way long as possible. Have a beautiful weekend and be well.

  8. I think dried rosemary would work in this delicious sounding soup.
    Tandy | Lavender and Lime

  9. I'm ready for that soup now! We're having a pretty chilly, rainy day and it would be perfect. In Hawaii I find it difficult to use dry beans. Something about the climate, and they don't keep well. They stay hard, no matter how long you cook them.

  10. That soup sounds so delicious, and yes, fresh rosemary would be good in it. Perfect for the weather we're having - chilly and rainy.

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  12. Yes, I love the combination of beans and rosemary, and this Tuscan soup is a perfectly flavourful and hearty dish!

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  14. Soup's on! It's so nice that your condo is so social. 🍲💖

  15. Bean soups are the best. It is similar to a soup I make and yours looks perfect.

  16. I love soup and this sounds amazing 😋

    Happy Friday, Judee!

  17. I made creamy Tuscan white bean soup this week as well. I’ll be blogging about it on April 1. My recipe is similar to yours, except I added spinach. So good!

  18. Oh dear me, I adore bean soups! This looks incredible and I have copied the recipe. Thanks, Judee! xoxo


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