Thursday, December 21, 2023

Marinated Cucumber Salad

Got cucumbers? This is a simple recipe with a robust flavor that can be thrown together very easily and quickly.

I bought too many cucumbers, and I knew that if I didn't make something with them, they would probably spoil. I decided to make a  marinated julienned cucumber salad. 

I'm really loving my peeler/grater that I bought last month. 

Remember this?

ReNext Multifunction Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler Vegetable Peeler Double Planing Grater Kitchen Accessories Cooking Tools

I used it today to quickly julienne the cucumber, red onion, and apple for this cucumber salad recipe. I did not peel the cucumber. 

grated onion and apple
The apple and red onion before adding to cucumber

Free Maple Syrup photo and picture

julienned vegetables

The marinade was made of just three ingredients: rice vinegar, maple syrup, and chili powder which were then tossed into the salad ingredients. After an hour in the refrigerator, the salad was ready! 
Simple, quick, easy, healthy!

Free Cucumbers Salad photo and picture
2 large English cucumbers, julienned   
2 medium apples, julienned
1/2 medium red onion, cut into small 1/2 circles or julienned 

1/3 cup of rice vinegar
1/3 cup of maple syrup 
2 tablespoons of water
1/8 teaspoon of chili powder (or more to taste)

Combine cucumbers, apples, and red onion slices in a bowl. Whisk the rice vinegar, maple syrup, chili powder, and water in another bowl. Pour over the salad vegetables, toss well, and marinate for an hour (or more) in the refrigerator. 

Simple salads are a great way to add a variety of vegetables to your diet. 



  1. I used to have that same peeler. Was bunches of fun.

  2. Got cucumbers? -- LOL; love that! This salad looks so fresh and inviting. 💚💚💚

  3. Such a lovely summer salad.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  4. This sounds like a very refreshing salad. Than you for sharing.

  5. I just wanted to say that thanks to you I bought one of these tools. I absolutely love it! I am putting julienned carrots into just about everything.

  6. Refreshing, healthy and yummy! 😋
    Wishing you joy, warmth, and all the magic of the season this Christmas. May your heart be filled with peace and your days be merry and bright. Happy holidays, Judee!

  7. It's really a beautiful salad with all the long strands. My cucumber salad is similar, minus the visual effect. I just cut little rounds of cucumber which certainly lacks your artistic appeal.

  8. i had a lonely cucumber lingering in the fridge so i turned it into pickled cukes. Usually i make a cold brine but i heated this one and it's delicious. merry christmas to you!


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