Monday, May 1, 2023

Hummus Appetizer With Mushrooms, Onions, and Chickpeas

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Hummus with warm chickpeas, mushrooms, and onions makes a tasty appetizer that will keep your guests coming back for more. 

hummus with mushrooms and onions
I forgot to take a photo when I made the warm appetizer;
this photo is after serving 

Sunday night we were invited to a cocktail party, and I was asked to make and bring "crispy mushrooms and hummus." I said that I would be glad to make it, but I wasn't familiar with how to make crispy mushrooms. The host shared that she had seen the recipe in the New York Times.

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I was not able to locate the recipe, but I did find a few other recipes on the Internet that sounded similar.  This is my own recipe based on the sound of the name. 

My mushrooms and onions were sautéed and soft, but everyone seemed to like the final product. I also topped my hummus with chickpeas and pine nuts.

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In the past, I've made a spectacular hummus appetizer that called for spreading the homemade hummus on a plate and then topping it with sliced olives, halved cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and pimentos. 

I now make a oil-free hummus that I used this time. 

I served this delicious warm appetizer with crudite of sliced cucumbers and baby carrots and some gluten free chips. 

How I made it:
  • First I made my homemade hummus. oil-free hummus
  • Next, I sautéed onions and mushrooms using vegetable broth 
  • When done, I spread the hummus on a flat plate  
  • Topped it with warm sautéed onions and mushrooms
  • Added pine nuts and served while warm 
  • For myself, I do not use oil- however I did drizzle with oil for the cocktail party 
I sprinkled with a little garlic powder, salt, cracked pepper, and cumin - I thought about about red pepper flakes but held back.

The hummus was room temperature and the toppings were warm.

White Window photo and picture


  1. How cool! An oil free hummus! Thanks!

  2. Never thought of this combo before, and thank you for sharing. Sounds delicious so will give it a try.

  3. Hummus is a favorite of mine. Looks delicious.

  4. This sounds and looks very tasty with mushrooms!

  5. I'm a huge fan of hummus, that's why this twist with a warm topping sounds wonderful and delicious. Loving the addition of pine nuts!

  6. Can never get enough mushrooms! Also, the white window décor is so tranquil and springy. 🍄🤍

  7. I love the addition of mushrooms, onions, and pine nuts on top~it makes it pretty and adds a nice contrast of textures!

  8. I love this style of hummus appetizer the crispy mushrooms and onions raises the bar on flavor, and gives hummus complexity. Delicious!


  9. It looks delicious with mushrooms!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  10. What a great idea!
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime

  11. Mushrooms add such a special flavours! Amazing!


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