Monday, April 17, 2023

75% OFF EASTER Cookies and Candy

Can you divide by 2 in your head? 
This post is a rant, so if you are not in the mood just skip it!

This morning I entered our local supermarket and saw a large display of Easter candy and related items spread across a large table with a sign that read 75% off! 

I like a bargain, so I stopped and took a look. I found some cute boxes of cookies that were originally $4.48 marked down price of $2.24. 

When it rang up at that price, I mentioned to the 19 year old (-ish) cashier that $2.24 was only a 50% reduction off of $4.48, not the 75% as marked. 

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She looked at the item and said, "no- that is the 75% off the original price of $4.48" We went back and forth a few times and I was AMAZED that she was not able to calculate that $2.24 was 50% of $4.48. She insisted that it was 75% off of the original price of $4.48. She was very pleasant and nice about it- but she was also convinced it was the right price. She did suggest that I could talk to a manager. 

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Is it me?? Will this new generation not be able to do ANY math in their heads? I don't think she even knew that dividing by 2 is the same as 50%

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As I said, this post is a  rant -but I am curious if you have any thoughts to share. Thanks.

In case you are curious. I did not buy the cookies. We are better off not eating them, and I didn't want to wait for a manager. It was 7 AM and staffing was light, if almost not existent. 

I am assuming that the sign for 75% off was recently changed from 50% off, but no one bothered to reprice the merchandise. 


  1. LOL...similar things happened to me so often, that's why I CHECK the price every time I buy discount items. Sometimes the prices in computer remain the same even though the price tags say 50% discount...

  2. It's sad and actually a bit scary that she couldn't figure out that was 50%. I find myself shaking my head a LOT at the lack of common sense in so many now.

  3. Yes, I also have concerns regarding the lack of basic skills. I also check prices, if the computer has not been updated, it can be a huge struggle.

  4. i so agree. Frustration with young staff is a part of life today.

  5. It's probably true that the system prices didn't get updated to reflect the pricing on the table... but still. As I used to tell my students: Yep, you can use a calculator, but you have to know HOW to use it...

  6. It certainly is more fun to score 75% off than 50% off, I'm sorry you had this experience!

  7. Yikes, that's scary that she couldn't see that it wasn't 75% off. I'm happy to share our leftover Easter candy with you :)

  8. This is so sad on a variety of levels. I'm sorry for your frustration. I am waiting for your book to come and look forward to trying out some new recipes,

  9. Just curious. Did you speak with the manager? I am surprised she was so confident in her response after you challenged it-Hmmm. What I experience often is the inability of cashiers to count back change. This is a particular issue when the amount received is typed in, and the customer decides to dig for change to even up the total.

  10. They can't make change, either, if the machine doesn't tell them how much to give back. Or, if you give them the three cents (like $2.23) after you give them $3.03 so you don't get a bunch of pennies back!) I totally understand your frustration. What happens the day the grid goes down...

  11. Yeah, I've had to go back and forth with all ages though on prices. I often take my calculator out and show them or get the manager.

    I also find tables of up to a certain price off and yet, nothing at that table or maybe one or two things, is up to, that prices off. It's crazy.

    Back when I started couponing (I don't coupon anymore), that's when I really, really saw just how many items get rung incorrectly. It was often.

  12. I find it very concerning just how uninformed they are about the simplest of things. They do trust their phones (slap to the head), so this would have been a great opportunity for you to acquaint her with math via it.

  13. Here, the sign would say UP TO 75% off so as to convince us to buy something not as cheap as we would expect. But yes, your point is correct. The youngsters of today have no clue about basic calculations!

  14. It's seriously a problem all over the country!! They Can Not Add...subtract multiply or divide! Fractions are unheard of, as well!
    This is a serious educational problem...but no one is raising the alarm! I would have waited for the many other shoppers are getting ripped off...
    sad affairs.


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