Sunday, July 24, 2022

Cool Lime Refresher - Starbucks Copycat

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We've had an oppressive heat wave this week with temperatures rising to almost 100 degrees and very humid. This weather calls for beverages to help us cool off. Have you ever had a "cool lime refresher" at Starbucks? 

This recipe is supposed to be the copycat recipe. 

I'm not sure if it really is since I haven't been to Starbucks in many years- but when I saw the recipe on a blog called Best of Long Island and Central Florida, I thought the recipe sounded really good. 

I guess I'm being a copycat of a copycat recipe from Linda's blog so I'll direct you to her blog for the actual recipe. 

I was originally attracted to her blog because like me, Linda is snowbird who divides her time between Long Island, NY and North Florida- and we divide our time between Pa and South Fl .

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The recipe has all the ingredients we love- lime, mint, and cucumber which are all very refreshing and low in calories!

Lime, Citrus Aurantiifolia, Fruit

When I was growing up and only a handful of people had "window" air-conditioners to cool off in the summer, so people used to sit outside on their "stoop" and drink homemade lemonade with the neighbors. We would share lemonade and stories until it got almost dark and then the kids would run around catching fireflies. There were no computers, iPads, or cell phones!

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We also used to set up lemonade stands and sell to the mailman, walkers, who ever passed by. 
It was a different time.

Actually, two of my neighbor's kids (back to real time) who are about 10 years old each set up a lemonade stand last week at the corner. The girls were trying to flag down passing cars to buy their lemonade. I was really shocked because I wondered how their parents would allow two young girls to sit all alone to flag down cars to buy lemonade when we teach our kids to avoid strangers for their own safety. What are your thoughts?

Back to the drink.

I'm sure this drink would taste good with lime or lemon juice. 

Lime, Drink, Mineral Water, Ice Cream

I am not only growing mint on my deck, I am growing stevia. I have already dried a good amount that I can use as a sweetener for this drink in lieu of sugar.

You can visit Best of Long Island and Central Florida, for the recipe.


  1. Your photos are all beautiful. I am going to make this today. It's very hot and humid here and I have an abundance of mint to do something with.
    I didn't know you wintered in S. Florida. I lived in Ft. Myers for over 20 years. Small world.

  2. A copycat of a copycat -- that's funny! This lime, cucumber, and mint drink does look divine. I love how it brought you back to the days of lemonade on the stoop, long before iPhones. Speaking of which, I agree that kids setting up a lemonade stand these days is kind of dicey. Anyway, lovely pics as always. They make me feel like I'm on an island getaway :)

  3. Hope the heat wave breaks soon. I drink tonic water when it's very hot. And no ways I would let my children do anything like that unattended.
    from Tandy I Lavender and Lime


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