Thursday, June 24, 2021

My Cell Phone For Dinner

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Why did I need my cell phone for dinner? 
This is the story of why a cell phone is certainly not a luxury and essential to function in today's world.

The other night I went out for a simple Mexican dinner with a friend. We selected a restaurant in an artsy historic tourist district of Lambertville, New Jersey (link). After driving though the beautiful scenic bucolic area of Bucks County for 1/2 hour, we reached our final destination. 

I parked the car on the street near the restaurant and immediately noticed that it required that I download an "app" to pay for parking (I know that in the cities this is protocol, but I live in the suburbs/country and have never been required to use an app to park my car). 

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My problem: 
I need a new phone and despite trying to charge it in the car, my phone was dead and I could not down load the parking app. Feeling totally frustrated, I finally realized that the meter would also accept coins. Yay!
But then a quick Boo!! The meter required $1.25/hr in coin, and I only had bills.

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I ran to the restaurant (a block away) where I had a reservation and since they had no parking lot, I begged them to change a $5 bill to coins. Well it turns out they had no change either. Luckily a patron was able to give me $3 worth of dimes, nickel, and quarters. 

As I noisily jingled back to the meter to spend 5 additional minutes feeding the meter the dimes, nickels and quarters, I wondered if anyone else has ever had this happen? 

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Once the hungry meter was happy, I did an about face and hurried back to the restaurant for our 6 PM reservation. 

As we settled in the seats,  I noticed a scan card on the table in lieu of a menu. Apologetically, I explained to the wait person that my phone battery had died and that I would need a regular menu. 

Sorry- no such item available- only scan menus!!!!

WHAT?? Have I been living in the dark ages? 
My battery is dead (I almost sobbed) because at this point I was really frustrated and hungry. What can I do? 

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The young girl looked at me in disbelief and gave me her cell phone- (do you think I knew how to use her phone???) Sheepishly, I asked for her help so she took her phone and walked away saying she would get the manager to see what he could do. Surprisingly, the manager never showed up, but another wait person did. 

You may be wondering about my friend. Well yes her cell phone worked but was very small and we did scan for the menu but had to enlarge the print so much that only a small section took up the entire phone. 

Finally, I just explained to the new wait person (who was also young and very surprised about our lack of tech skills) that I wanted a gluten free vegan meal. 

She suggested a vegan enchilada platter (forgot to take a picture) that came with, rice and black beans. I took it!! 
And it was outstanding. 

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I really enjoyed the meal, the outside dining, and the beautiful atmosphere once we settled the order, but I was not prepared to need to depend on my phone to park the car and see the menu. My iPhone is old and outdated and small. I only use it for texts and calls.  

I realize now that when I update my phone (very soon), it's going to have to be a larger size, so I can attempt to deal with all the new required technology just to eat out, shop in the markets such as Whole Foods to get their "app" to be entitled to discounts. I've been kicking my feet, but I can do it!

Here is a link to one of my favorite Mexican recipes- 

homemade mango salsa in a glass bowl

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed, outdated, or reluctant to join this new high tech age? 


  1. I have never owned a cell phone or smart phone...they would give me a headache and I simply can't lower my head and type on that tiny screen for anything.
    The mango salsa looks so fresh and yummy.

    1. That is remarkable. I didn't know that anyone still Is holding out for a cell phone. It almost seems a necessity for modern living. Good for you Angie.

  2. Technological advances increas day by day. And all these advances and All tech-things for our happiness but sometimes they make us sad. Bye the way Mango Salsa looks great! Have a wonderful day.

  3. My husband is just like you! When we travel back home to see our daughter in the Washington DC area, he won't park anywhere where a cell phone might be required. I always laugh and tell him he's getting old!

  4. I use my phone for emergencies only. Guess that will have to change!

  5. Fun post! I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I rarely use it for email or texts because my fingers are so darn fat -- typos galore! But it's so handy -- I use it as a reference all the time. For instance, it's become my favorite way to look at weather forecasts. And use the map feature often when I'm in unfamiliar territory. Anyway, love the salsa -- mangoes are a real favorite. Thanks!!

  6. Technology can be so frustrating! I didn’t even know restaurants are subbing cell phones for real menus now! This post was fun to read and that mango salsa looks amazing. I’m making street tacos for dinner tomorrow night and I just might have to try your mango salsa on them!

  7. I love Lambertville! I haven’t been there or to Bucks County in quite some time, but you are really tempting me with this post. I am a bit haphazard with my phone. I largely use it as a camera, so while I do take it with me wherever I go, I tend to lose track of it around the house and miss a lot of phone calls.

  8. The mango salsa looks very yummy :)

    All the best Jan

  9. Oh man, what a mess! I had no idea that some restaurants have done away with hard copy menus! And the thing about the parking is a headache too; who has change on them these days? Anyway, I'm glad that your meal was delicious. And I had no idea that you lived in the Jersey area! I'm just outside of Atlantic City. :)

  10. Quite a story. Yeah what a pain all this cell phone stuff. you shouldn't have to download an App for parking. Blah!


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