Sunday, August 2, 2020

Peek At My Week 8/1/2020

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Book review, Prime Video review, 2 salad recipes

Another month-same routine: 
Nothing much has changed in the last month. 

  • Still taking walks, reading, cooking, playing Canasta online, gardening, blogging, Friday night dinners on the deck with our local kids and grandkids..  That's it folks. 

No eating out, no ordering in, no socializing-no going anywhere and wearing masks and keeping distance in the grocery store and farmer's markets. 

I did see a hummingbird in my hanging flower baskets this week! I couldn't get a shot of it but it was a thrill! Only the 2nd one I've ever seen in my yard in 32 years and both were this month.(Maybe because I am actually home all the time now to see it.) Only the 4th one I've ever seen in my life!

What I'm Reading:
Refugee- The author, Alan Gratz, introduces the readers to the lives of three refugee families- one from the Holocaust in the 1940's, one from Syria in 2005, and one from Cuba during the Castro regime. He takes us through their difficult living conditions, their escapes, their hopes, dreams, and journeys. It is historically accurate and I found it insightful, informative, and a wonderful read. I love the authors writing style as well. Surprisingly, it is written for younger readers, but I found it a great read and recommend it.

What I'm Watching:

The Hunters- This is a fascinating series on Amazon Prime that stars Al Pacino. He is a Holocaust survivor that has endured heinous atrocities and lived to tell about them. He creates his own group of bounty hunters and goes after Nazi's who are living in the US. He is judge, jury, and revenger and deals with his victims the way he was dealt with, giving you graphic flashbacks of his and others' lives in Nazi Germany. The most fascinating part of the series is the surprising role that the US played after the war in bringing so many of the Nazi scientists and doctors to the US and providing jobs and new identities. Parts can be difficult to watch. I believe it's only one season and 10 episodes.

What I'm Cooking: It's hot- I'm eating salads!
Incredible Salad (recipe link
Incredible salad with nuts, olives, red peppers, onions, etc. This is a copycat of a salad that we used to order in a restaurant called, "Sicilian Oven" in Florida. It's the best salad ever and I just had to duplicate it at home. Once it's assembled, I      toss it, dress it, and devour it

Carrot , Jicama, and Apple Coleslaw ( recipe link)

I love this simple refreshing crunchy coleslaw. Jicama, apples, and carrots are all sweet, juicy, and crunchy. It's a refreshing salad in hot humid weather and packed with immune boosting antioxidants! I sometimes add raw cashews or walnuts for some protein. 

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  1. I adore Al Pacino and definitely gotta watch the film. And yes to SALADS :-)) Thanks for sharing your week, Judee.

  2. I like that there is an incorporation of three time periods in this one. I've been reading the Winemakers wife.

  3. I must buy jicama and make this salad. I love it when we are in Mexico (remember travel??).
    I added that book to my library TBR list, thanks.
    And I mentioned The Hunters to my husband.
    We do not mix with anyone, John golfs with the same guys. I meet a friend in the building, usually outside on our grounds, and both masked.

  4. I watched Hunters, and enjoyed it. I think it's an interesting concept, and has a stellar cast. It was tough to get through, though: I thought there were too many flashbacks. The first few were more than effective, and then they seemed to become formulaic. And there was honestly a lot of unnecessary violence, although I'm willing to accept that it's an important part of the concept. Although it's a piece of fantasy, it in fact is based on reality. The U.S. did bring former Nazis into the country after the war. But the reality is complex, and worth reading about outside of this series.

  5. Much the same here. If it keeps us safe...

  6. I loved your Incredible Salad recipe. Salads really are the only way to go when it's hot and it really was a thing of beauty with all those amazing colors!

  7. Judee, we have quite a few hummingbirds here; they seem to be attracted to my red trumpet plant. That salad with the walnuts looks fabulous. Same ole same ole here as well.

  8. salads are my go to meal during hot summer days

  9. Wait ... where is that lake photo taken? Beautiful. We have a lot of hummingbirds here in Calif. I'm visiting my parents here and I'm thinking of getting a hummingbird feeder ... thanks for reminding me. They are a thrill to see. Neat.


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