Monday, July 29, 2019

Easy Summer Appetizer

summer cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes make a wonderful appetizer when stuffed with hummus! I used a packaged artichoke and spinach hummus from my local supermarket  but you choose whatever you prefer from the many varieties available. Just follow my easy directions.

Easy To Make
These appetizers are easy to make,  slightly time consuming- but worth it.  Fifteen at a time are my limit or get hubby or kids involved! Everyone can make 10!

cherry tomatoes

Allergy Friendly
They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and nut free, making them an allergy friendly choice for parties or any kind of entertaining where guests have a multitude of dietary needs.

cherry tomato and hummus appetizer

Can Be Made in Advance

In addition, these little pick ups can be made in advance, refrigerated, and served at room temperature which will free up your time the day of entertaining! Each morsel is bite size making it a great finger food.

cherry tomato stuffed with hummus

If you are looking for something simple but tasty, keep these healthy little gems in mind for your next party!

1/2 cup of your favorite humus ( homemade or store bought)
20 cherry tomatoes

Wash and core your cherry tomatoes. Slice the bottom of the tomato just slightly so it will lay straight on the plate. Cut the top of each tomato, dig out some of the tomato and fill with 1/2 teaspoon of humus. Arrange on plate and serve. Can also be refrigerated and covered until ready to serve.

plate of hummus appetzier

If you are short on time, another easy finger food appetizer that is a little less time consuming is to fill celery logs with hummus . I love to  make a combination of stuffed cherry tomatoes and celery logs.
Other fun Celery appetizer ideas!

celery stuffed with hummus appetizer

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  1. Hi Judee, What a wonderful idea and attractive appetizer. Tomatoes are at their best in the summer and this easy way to stuff them with hummus as a finger food is great. Have a beautiful day and be well.

  2. Haha -- our posts go together today! My lunch is often cut-up veggies with hummus (store bought or homemade)

  3. OK what is going on here?? I just said to Tina, that I just said to Beth, that hummus is on my mind to make and what do you open with...HUMMUS!
    We have been living on tomatoes this summer. My husband, not a big tomato fan, is now addicted to my marinated tomato salad.

  4. Celery logs seem so retro! My mother made them with cream cheese and maybe a walnut or two -- American grocery stores didn't have hummus back then. The stuffed cherry tomatoes look a bit fussy, but good to eat.

    best... mae at


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