Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Chinese New Year- Quick Soup

Today is the celebration of the Chinese New Year- 
It's the year of the pig!

Being vegetarian/vegan, you won't find any pork or ham recipes here , but I am sharing a wonderful Chinese soup that I've made in the past.

It's perfect for cold weather and is a nourishing immune booster for winter flu season. 
It's quick and easy to make, so you can have it ready from prep to finish cooking in 30 minutes!

Cabbage adds amazing flavor to soup. The flavor of cabbage tones down when cooked, and is also easier to digest than raw cabbage.  I used Napa cabbage in this recipe which is a soft, easy to cut, flavorful cabbage available year round in supermarkets and Asian stores.

Why not make a small pot this week in honor of the Chinese New Year? 

Of course all my recipes are naturally gluten free and vegan.. Enjoy 

                             Recipe for Quick Chinese Cabbage Soup

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  1. Haven't had cabbage soup in ages! Yours looks authentic and tasty. Happy Spring Festival, Judee!


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