Monday, July 2, 2018

4 Hacks to Cool Off in Hot Weather

It's been over 95 everyday this week. Here are 4 hacks that help me get through the unbearable heat wave!!

1. Hydrate- 

It's vital to keep hydrated during really hot weather. Try making some of my infused water drinks using a variety of fruit, lemon,  mint leaves. etc. which will give you the added bonus of some valuable nutrients as well as flavor. Follow the link for Infused water drinks for ideas and recipes.

Fruit infused vitamin water

  Our family recipe for Middle Eastern lemonade is a refreshing as it is rejuvenating!  Lemon is a good source of vitamin C and is known to help in hydration. Keep a pitcher in the refrigerator in really hot weather!

middle eastern lemonade

2. Chilled Washcloths - The Best Home Spa Idea

This is a favorite. I fill a bowl with ice cubes, water, and a few drops of either rose water or orange blossom water. I then put a washcloth into the bowl, wring it out slightly and use it to cool off my face and neck or use it as a foot soak!

 It is cold, peacefully fragrant, relaxing and refreshing. In addition, I believe that rose water is good for the skin, I learned this hack at a beautiful spa in Mexico ! You can purchase both rose water concentrate or orange blossom water on Amazon  or at most Middle Eastern or Indian food markets or online. There are also organic brands available online

orange blossom water

feet soaking in cold water spa
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3. Blender Ice cream 
Fast and Easy! There is nothing like cold refreshing ice cream. You can quickly whip some up  yourself in the blender. Use fresh fruit for these beautiful cooling treats - ice cream and sorbet- Three fast and easy recipes- two of the recipes are vegan-

vegan sorbets and ice cream

4. Cold Watermelon and Frozen Watermelon 
I think that one of the most refreshing hacks is just eating plain old fresh juicy sweet watermelon. If you want to try something different try my exotic watermelon balls in orange blossom water  or a frozen watermelon frosty!

Don't let leftover watermelon go bad!!If you ever have leftover watermelon, cut it into chunks and freeze it- I love to eat in right out of the freezer!

watermelon slices

watermelon smoothie
                                                     Frozen watermelon frosty!

5. Make ice cubes from left over coffee then use them to make ice coffee ! Also make ice cubes from lemonade and use it in refreshing summer drinks. Also add  slices of lemon or fruit to your ice cubes. Use these ice cubes in other drinks!
refreshing iced coffee

Cortas Combo Pack - 1) Cortas Rose Water 10 Fl. Oz., & 2) Cortas Orange Blossom Water 10 Fl. Oz - Total 2 Bottles

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  1. Great tips, Judee. I love esp. the fruity water :) Frozen watermelon looks pretty awesome too.

    1. If you really want to cool off , the frozen watermelon does the trick

  2. Lots of cooling ideas here. The lemonade sounds interesting. I just whipped up a big batch over the weekend. Nothing bats homemade!

    1. Pattie, the lemonade tastes very different and amazing with the orange blossom water.

  3. Cooling and hydrating ideas are so welcome right now! Thank you, Judee!


    1. The weather has still not broken- a week so far of high 90's !!!

  4. Healthy ways for staying cool in these hot summer days! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  5. Fabulous Ideas Judee. I need them so much this week as the temps are soaring here in AZ.

  6. Cool ways to stay cool in summer, I wish it was that hot in the UK. Julie Syl

  7. Great Ideas for sure. Pinned 📌.
    Visiting from SSPS 269 #120&121.

  8. These are wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to try the rose water washcloths.

    I would love to invite you to share your post on my Tell It To Me Tuesday link party, and have the chance to be featured. You can find the most recent one at I hope you to see you there!


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